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70-90 days. Solanum lycoperscium. Chadwick Cherry Tomato seeds grow as tender annuals and highly productive warm season plants. As an indeterminate summer crop, Chadwick Tomatoes develop into clusters of 1-2 oz bright-red uniform fruit with long sturdy vines. As these plants grow 8-10" tall, a trellis for support is essential. This heirloom variety is crack-resistant with non-GMO seeds and can adapt in different climates. The full-flavored balance between sweet and acidic makes this larger cherry tomato perfect for !

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Growing Chadwick Cherry Tomato Garden Seeds

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Sowing & Growing:

Tomato seeds are best started indoors 5-8 weeks before your region"s final spring frost. Begin sowing tender annual tomatoes with a seed-starting container under grow lights. Plant seeds 1/4" in a warm and rich starting mix. Chadwick Cherry Tomato seeds thrive in a temperature range of 70-90°. Germination will take 1-2 weeks. Transplant young seedlings to 3" containers. Once summer tomato plants have 2-3 sets of true leaves, harden plants off by exposing them to outside conditions. Sow non-GMO Chadwick Tomato seeds outdoors once your region remains warm and night temperatures don't drop below 55°. This sturdy heirloom prefers full sun and needs 1" of watering per week, especially during fruit development. Allow the top layer of soil to dry before watering. Till rich, composted soil and prepare 8-12" holes. Remove the smaller leaves on each plant, leaving a single top set of leaves. Set Chadwick Cherry Tomatoes deep in the hole, with only their top healthy leaves exposed. Space the plants 1-2" apart in between rows or in a container that is at least 18" deep for a single plant. Using a trellis to help the growth of this larger cherry tomato variety is essential, as their vines are long and can reach 8-10" tall! The clusters of bright-red 1-2 oz fruit continue to grow until your region"s first frost as a highly productive summer crop. Feed heirloom tomato plants by scattering a fertilizer made of peat moss and vermiculite throughout development. The full-flavored balance between sweet and acidic is what makes this larger cherry variety perfect for pasta sauces or sun dried tomatoes. Even though Chadwick Cherry Tomato seeds are crack-resistant and can adapt in different climates, they still need warmer conditions to develop into their uniform shape and rich flavor. Heirloom tomatoes prefer loamy and well-drained soil with a pH level of 5.5-7.0. These larger cherry tomatoes grow as an indeterminate crop with seeds that are non-GMO.


As Chadwick Cherry Tomatoes are a highly productive variety, these sturdy plants should be ready for harvest around 70-75 days from the sowing date and will produce larger cherry tomatoes until your region"s first frost. Harvest by gently pulling the bright-red fruit from their calyx hat with one hand, while holding the stem with the other. Harvest consistently to allow more growth. You can also use gardening shears so you don't damage the 1-2 oz tomatoes. Pick your final harvest of tomatoes in fall and allow them to ripen at room temperature or store them by freezing.


Chadwick Cherry Tomatoes are not only well-balanced when it comes to sweet and rich flavor, but are also highly productive growers, yielding an average of 100 tomatoes per plant!

Chadwick Cherry Tomato Seeds Per Package:

  • 1 oz - Approximately 10,000 Seeds
  • 4 oz - Approximately 40,000 Seeds
  • 1 lb - Approximately 160,000 Seeds
  • 5 lbs - Approximately 800,000 Seeds

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