Squash Seeds - Winter - Pink Banana Jumbo (Organic)


Organic Pink Banana Winter Squash is excellent for storing and is ready in 115 days. Recommended by OSU, Mexican Banana Squash produces pink-orange skin with sweet yellow-orange, fine-grained flesh. Plymouth Rock squash"s fruit grows to be over 4 feet long and can weigh up to 70 pounds. This squash is for a large space due to long vines.

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Growing Pink Banana Squash Vegetable Garden Seeds

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Pink Banana Squash Growth Habits:

Plant squash seeds about an inch under the soil. It will take about 115 days to grow fully. The fruit will be about 4 feet long and 1 foot wide. Pink Banana Squash will be a peachy shade of orange. Make sure the squash is the right color, dull, and dry. Harvest before heavy frots. Leave a little of the stem to prevent rot.

Various Uses for Pink Banana Squash:

Winter squash, Mexican Banana, is an awesome choice in the kitchen. It stores well so that it can be eaten all winter long. Dice up the flesh and toss it in olive oil, and add salt and pepper"roast at a high temperature. Pink Banana Squash will get sweeter as it cooks. Plymouth Rock squash can also be canned, and it is not as grainy as other squash varieties.

Pink Banana Squash Benefits:

Pink Banana Squash provides a lot of nutrition for how long it can be stored. Winter squash is high in vitamin A which comes from beta-cerotene. Vitamin A and vitamin C in winter squash are essential for the immune system. A good source of fiber, Pink Banana squash is great for maintaining healthy blood sugar. Polysaccharides in squash also regulate sugar.

Additional Information:

Pink Banana Squash was first found in in ancient Peru.

Seeds Per Package:

  • 3 g - Approximately 16 Seeds
  • 1 oz - Approximately 150 Seeds
  • 4 oz - Approximately 600 Seeds
  • 1 lb - Approximately 2,400 Seeds
  • 5 lb - Approximately 12,000 Seeds

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