Salvia Seeds - Victoria Series


98-112 days. Victoria Series salvia seeds grow a unique and exotic twist to familiar lavender garden favorites. Victoria Series seeds promise mature 18-20 inch leafy salvias with uniform 8 inch lavender or white stalks perfect for invigorating a stale flower bed, walkway, patio, or living room. Victoria Series salvia seeds are an easy-to-grow, cool, and vibrant accent to any seasonal bouquets, baskets, or centerpieces. Salvia Victoria Series seeds are vigorous garden performers thriving in hot, humid climates where other lavender-blooming varieties would decline.


Growing Victoria Series Salvia Garden Seeds

Most home gardens do not have the warm, humid conditions necessary to sow salvia Victoria Series seeds directly outside and plants may not likely bloom. Begin salvia Victoria Series seeds indoors 10-12 weeks before final frost. Seeds will germinate with full lighting in 14-21 days. Once germinated, transplant salvia seedlings to indoor container or harden off if transplanting outside to a suitable environment. For gardens with optimal conditions, sow 3-4 salvia Victoria Series seeds ¼ inch deep with 12 inches apart in average, evenly moist, and well-drained soil in full sun to partial shade. Victoria Series salvia is known to tolerate some drought but can be susceptible to downy and powdery mildew. Avoid overhead watering by watering soil directly to minimize wetting foliage. Salvia plants have no serious pests or diseases. Salvia Victoria Series seeds mature in 98-112 days as 18-20 inch tall bushy uprights with 12 inch spreads and uniform 8 inch blue or white blooming stalks.

Salvia farinacea is native to Texas and regions in Mexico. Salvia farinacea is also known as Mealycup Sage for its powdery or "mealy" texture found around the stems and calyx. The genus Salvia is derived from the Latin word salveo translating into "save" or "heal" due to the purported medical properties of some varieties.

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