Paracress Herb Seeds - aka Toothache Plant


Non-GMO medicinal herb and microgreens seeds. Acmella oleracea. AKA: Toothache Plant, Electric Daisy, Eyeball Plant, Peek-A-Boo, Electric Buttons. As a medicinal herb, paracress contains the analgesic spilanthol, used traditionally to numb toothaches. When grown as a microgreen it is completely surprising. Approx 116,000 seeds / oz.

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Paracress Herb Seeds

A favorite among our staff and a unique standout in the micro family! Beginning with a green, zesty and tart citrus flavor, it leaves you with an effervescent, mild lingering numbing mouth feel (Spilanthol). Tongue buzz anyone? Use a light hand when seeding and let grow a bit larger for a bigger kick. The skies the limit on uses for this terrific plant!


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