Nicotiana Seeds - Starmaker Series


63-70 days. Starmaker Series nicotiana seeds grow a classic, durable, and curious touch of the South American tropics in your home or garden. Starmaker Series nicotiana is easy to grow from seed and a vigorous seasonal performer, yet still chic enough to add exotic accents to any fresh cut basket, bouquet, or home and office. Starmaker Series seeds promise neat 12 inch tall bushy nicotiana boasting gorgeous 2 inch blooms in a signature choice of Appleblossom, Bright Red, Lime and Purple, Deep Lime, White, and Mix. Starmaker Series nicotiana is native the perennially moist Brazilian tropics and will thrive in a variety of humid North American gardens.


Growing Starmaker Series Nicotiana Garden Seeds

Most home gardens do not have the warm tropic conditions suitable to sow Starmaker Series nicotiana seeds directly. However, for annual blooming, start nicotiana seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before final frost. Seeds will germinate with full lighting in 14-21 days. Once germinated, transplant seedlings when there are two sets of true leaves to an indoor container or harden off if transplanting outside to a warm yet shaded spot in the garden. Plant 2-3 Starmaker Series nicotiana seeds ¼ inch deep and 6-12 inches apart in consistently moist, Organically rich, and well-drained soil in full sun to partial shade. Although Starmaker Series seeds thrive in heat, nicotiana is native to the humid tropics and not tolerant of drought and must stay consistently moist for proper flowering. Plants will show signs of wilting in long summers if not provided with shade. Nicotiana has no serious pests, but monitor regularly for beetles. Starmaker Series nicotiana belongs to the Solanaceae family and therefore susceptible to tobacco mosaic virus. Do not plant near vegetable gardens with other members of the nightshade family (i.e eggplant, tomato, potato, or peppers) because of susceptibility to common viruses. Starmaker nicotiana seeds will mature in 63-70 days as 12 inch tall semi-dwarfed bushy uprights with a 10 inch spread of 2 inch star-shaped blooms available in a signature choice of Appleblossom, Bright Red, Lime and Purple, Deep Lime, White, and Mix.

Nicotiana alata is a species of tobacco plant native to southern Brazil and northern Argentina. Unlike many other species of the genus, Nicotiana alata is purely ornamental and used to produce many other ornamental cultivars and hybrids. The genus nicotiana honors 16th French ambassador Jean Nicot who is credited for having introduced tobacco to France.


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