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50-60 Days to maturity. Nemophila menziesii. Baby Blue Eyes Nemophila Seeds. Non-GMO, annual. Baby Blue Eyes Nemophila are perfect for cool summer or mild winter climates. Their Mojave-blue petals beautifully stand out among a crowd of flowers but equally and seamlessly mesh into a wider landscape of varying styles. These storybook-quality blooms are sure to enchant. ~20,000 seeds/oz.


Growing Non-GMO Baby Blue Eyes Nemophila Flower Seeds

Plant seeds in fall or early spring when night time temperatures are consistently above 50F. There is no advantage to starting them indoors. Sow them straight into the garden bed or field they will be growing in. Lightly cover the seeds with soil and water. Keep the soil moist until germination. Once the plants have become established, they can tolerate drought well.

Baby Blue Eyes Nemophila bloom all season long and will die at the first frost of the fall. Expect them to reseed. If you don’t want them to, cut the flower heads after blooming and remove the entire plant before the seeds start to develop. In warmer zones, these will die when the temperatures rise too high. If you live in zones 8-11, you may desire to plant them for winter blooms instead of summer.

Baby Blue Eyes Nemophila in the Flower Garden

The adorable blue, cup-shaped flowers are a great medium to low-growing flower choice for your garden. They will bloom from the summer into the fall in cool climates or from winter to spring in mild climates. Companion plant with pansies, johnny jump-ups, stock, sweet alyssum, and other cool-weather flowering annuals to have a highly compatible garden! Make the blue petals pop by pairing them with orange to yellow tinted flowers.

Landscaping with Baby Blue Eyes Nemophila

Baby Blue Eyes is perfect for rock gardens, containers, hanging baskets, and annual beds. They excel as a border plants and they specialize in attracting bees and pollinating moths to the garden. They also have a high resistance to foot traffic which makes them ideal for corners and edges that may get stepped on occasionally.

About Baby Blue Eyes Nemophila Garden Seeds

Nemophilas are safe for consumption as far as has been discovered. It is even known to be a favorite of tortoises. Call your veterinarian if you have questions or worry that your animal may be having an allergic reaction..

The name Nemophila is Latin and means “woodland loving”. This can suggest what the preferred climate is! The species name menziesii pays homage to the naturalist Archibald Menzies who is credited with discovering the plant in the ‘New World’.

These delicate cup-shaped blooms are usually between 1-3 inches wide and stand alone on a flower stalk.

Nemophila is native to the foothills and grassy areas of the western United States.

These are native to but now grow as a wildflower in many areas across North America. In some regions, they grow so prolifically that they are considered a weed. Check with your county extension before planting these if you think this may be the case for your area!

Although baby Blue Eyes is most well-known as a California native, it is also found naturally as far north as Alaska and as far south as Mexico.

Loved by pollinators, this variety is a special support for the specialized bee called Hoplitis simplex.

This variety is deer and rabbit resistant.

Tips From Our Gardeners

"I love to recommend wildflowers to california natives. They have so many beautiful ones to choose from! Baby Blue Eyes pairs beautifully with other natives such as Clarkia, Brodiaea, California Poppies, and more!"

- Lara Wadsworth, True Leaf Market Writer

Baby Blue Eyes Nemophila Seeds Per Package:

1 g - Wholesale - Approximately 700 Seeds

0.25 oz - Wholesale - Approximately 5,000 Seeds

1 oz - Wholesale - Approximately 20,000 Seeds

4 oz - Bulk Seeds - Approximately 80,000 Seeds

1 lb - Bulk Seeds - Approximately 320,000 Seeds

Non-GMO Baby Blue Eyes Nemophila seeds are available for Fast Free Shipping on orders over $75.

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