Fennel - Florence - Microgreens Seeds


10-14 days. Use fennel microgreens as a garnish for savory or sweet dishes. Fennel microgreens are thin, green and delicate. They have a mild anise flavor that makes them a great garnish for Italian or Indian dishes.

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Fennel - Florence - Microgreens Seeds 

    Growing Directions:

    Fennel microgreens can be grown hydroponically, but it is tough to do. You will likely have a much easier time growing them in soil. Sow seeds a little more thinly and give your plants room to grow. Fennel seed husks can be stubborn in clinging to leaves, so plan on growing long enough for most to drop.

    For more detailed instructions on growing, as well as some troubleshooting and tips, please visit our Soil Growing Directions page or our Hydroponic Growing Directions page


    Fennel is widely known for it's licorice (anise) flavor, along with its sweet and peppery notes. It became well known in America during the 80's and 90's in high-end restaurants, and will add a poignant finishing touch to many types of dishes.

    Seeds per Package:

    • 1 oz - Approximately 34,000 seeds
    • 4 oz - Approximately 136,000 seeds
    • 1 lb - Approximately 544,000 seeds
    • 5 lb - Approximately 2,720,000 seeds
    • 25 lb - Approximately 13,600,000 seeds

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