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72% Germination - non-refundable clearance seed. Lactuca sativa.  Salinas lettuce seeds easily grow into green leaves and are great for beginners. Salinas Lettuce, also known as Iceberg Lettuce, is ready to harvest in 70 to 79 days. The Salinas thrives in full sun or partial shade, being heat resistant, and can be grown in zones 4-9. The leaves of the Salinas have a mildly sweet flavor. These clearance lettuce seeds are 8% below germination standards, and still make an excellent choice for your vegetable garden.  5 lb and 25 lb sizes available.


Germination Details

  • Germination: 72%   
  • State (Utah) Requirements: 80%
  • Suggested Use/s: Vegetable Gardening 
  • Special Directions: This seed is -8% below standard. Increase the number of seeds you plant accordingly to make sure you get the growth you envision. 

What is "Below Standard Seed"? 

Simply put, it is seed that doesn't meet our state's (Utah) germination standard, a standard that varies slightly from seed to seed. Any seed intended for gardening that has a below standard germination rate cannot be sold alongside those that meet the state requirements (which often reflect the national requirements for germination).  

We send samples of all our seed to the Utah Department of Agriculture, where they perform several tests to assess the quality of the seed. These state-wide and national seed standards are in line with Association of Official Seed Analysts (AOSA), which exist to ensure consumers that they are getting the highest quality seed, as advertised. Since this seed doesn't meet the state standard, we mark it as "Below Standard Seed". 

 Below standard seeds are non-refundable.

 Click here for high germination Salinas Lettuce seeds.

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