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Non-GMO, heirloom Shin Kuroda 5" Carrot Seeds from True Leaf Market are a variant of the Chantenay-type Shin Kuroda carrot developed in Japan. The roots grow to about 5" long and have wide shoulders and a bright orange color. Packed with nutrients and offering a sweet flavor, Shin Kuroda carrots are delicious when eaten raw or cooked. These heirloom carrot seeds come from Mountain Valley Seed Co., which is a small, family-owned seed company known for supplying premium-quality seeds to both home growers and fresh market producers. 75 days to maturity.

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Growing 5" Shin Kuroda Carrot Vegetable Garden Seeds

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Shin Kuroda Carrot Seed Growth Habits:

A Chantenay-type carrot, the Shin Kuroda variety grows to approximately 5" long and has finely textured green foliage.

Shin Kuroda carrot seeds will germinate in soil as low as 40 degrees F and the carrots can tolerate a light frost, so the seeds can be directly sown into the garden 2 to 4 weeks before your last frost date for the earliest harvest. Succession planting is recommended for a continuous harvest throughout the growing season. It can take 1 to 3 weeks before the seeds germinate, depending on soil temperature and moisture levels. The warmer the soil, the faster the seeds will germinate, and the soil should be kept evenly moist.

As a root crop, 5" Shin Kuroda carrots prefer soil that is evenly moist and well-draining. The soil only needs a moderate level of nitrogen, as too much nitrogen may cause forking. To achieve the best-looking carrots, the soil should also be loose and free from stones. Because carrots do not like competition from weeds, they grow very well in raised beds and containers as long as the soil is deep enough. About 12" to 18" deep should be sufficient for the 5" Shin Kuroda carrot.

Various Uses for 5" Shin Kuroda Carrots:

Sweet and flavorful, the 5" Shin Kuroda carrot is good for eating fresh or cooked and for juicing. Carrots can also be easily preserved for long-term storage by freezing, canning, and pickling.

Shin Kuroda Carrot Benefits:

Highly nutritious, Shin Kuroda carrots are an excellent source of beta carotene, biotin, vitamin K, potassium, and vitamin B6. They also provide the body with soluble fiber that can feed the good bacteria in the gut to promote healthy digestion. In addition, carrots have important antioxidants, such as lutein, which is important for healthy eyes.

Additional Information:

To avoid cross-pollination, avoid planting carrots near dill, celery, coriander, and other members of the parsley (Umbelliferae) family.

Seeds Per Package:

  • 3 g - Approximately 2,100 Seeds
  • 0.25 oz - Approximately 5,000 Seeds
  • 1 oz - Approximately 20,000 Seeds
  • 4 oz - Approximately 80,000 Seeds
  • 1 lb - Approximately 320,000 Seeds
  • 5 lb - Approximately 1,600,000 Seeds
  • 25 lb - Approximately 8,000,000 Seeds

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