Beet Seeds - Detroit Mix - Organic


60 days. Heirloom, Non-GMO. Certified Organic. This mix of Detroit Red and Golden Beet seeds will make for a colorful and tasty harvest with all the warm shades of summer. This is a packaged mix of seeds for both red and golden Detroit Beet gardening seeds. This mix can work perfectly for a colorful vegetable harvest. The Beets are great for cooking or pickling, and the greens can work well as part of a salad.

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Growing Detroit Mix Garden Seeds

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Start with a light, moist soil, ideally with a PH level of 6.5 to 7. Sow the seeds half an inch deep, with three inches between plants and twelve to eighteen inches between rows. These seeds will need plenty of moisture while germinating, so keep the soil moist for the first twenty one days. These Beets can thrive in conditions with full sun or partial shade. After fifty to sixty days, the Beets will be ready to be harvested.

Look for the green and and red mixed greens that will pop up--and just wait until you see the vibrant red and deep yellow of the fruits once they reach maturity. With this mix, you get the best of both worlds! Use greens in salads and pickle your Beets to add as a topping to that salad. Discover the myriad of uses!

Detroit Beet Garden Mixes Seeds - Organic, Heirloom, Non-GMO, Open Pollinated, Annual.

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