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Non-GMO, Heirloom Purple Ruffles Basil Herb Seed from True Leaf Market. Ocimum basilicum x purpurascens. As basil has many different types, Purple Ruffles Basil is a sweet cultivar that grows large 3" deep-violet leaves that develop a jagged shape and is known for its beauty. This spicy basil with hints of toasty sweetness was introduced in 1984 and later won the AAS award for quality seed growth. Purple Ruffles Basil varieties are known for their antioxidants and vibrant purple colors. Their striking hues also contain andocynasis"a pigment compound also used as a natural dye replacement. With high nutritional value and bright flavor, Purple Ruffles Basil is an elegant and abundant crop to add to your herb garden!

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Purple Ruffles Basil Herb Garden Planting Seeds

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Purple Ruffles Basil Growing Habits

Non-GMO Purple Ruffles Basil (Ocimum basilicum x purpurascens) plants grow 18" tall as compact bushes. Popular heirlooms such as Purple Basil Herbs, produce into late summer with abundant growth, developing large-sized and elegant deep-violet leaves. Your basil crop will reach ideal harvesting as they grow jagged 3" leaves, but before they bloom. This type of sweet basil thrives with regular moisture and will continue to mature and give off a sweet and spicy scent with a bright flavor until the first frost arrives. By early fall, your Purple Ruffles Basil will provide pink flowers and begin to seed.

Basil in general, is an ultimate hybrid herb with many different varieties. As basil is also ancient, it"s a challenge for gardeners to pin down a single origin. Basil can be classified as either sweet or non-sweet. The popular types are considered sweet. For example, a cultivar that isn't sweet would be clove basil.

Non-Culinary Uses for Purple Ruffles Basil Herb Seed

As basil is one of the best herbs to introduce to your health, Purple Ruffles Basil can be made into vibrant cosmetic remedies such as natural fragrance and moisturizing lip balm. The oils that come from their leaves are used to treat many different ailments, however; this Purple Ruffles Basil variety is known for the pigment compound it produces called andocynasis. The vibrant colors of purple basil are not only used for natural dye replacements but also provide higher nutritional value as well!

Culinary Uses for Purple Ruffles Basil Herb Seed

As an heirloom basil that provides a spicy, bright aroma with hints of toasty sweetness, Purple Ruffles Basil is an award-winning quality herb in terms of flavor and elegance. This Purple basil type is often added to fresh salads as a bright garnish or blended into a striking violet pesto. As sweet basil varieties range in flavor, Purple Ruffles Basil thrives as a beautiful adornment and spicy herb.

Benefits of Growing Purple Ruffles Basil Herb Seed

This larger-sized basil variety makes a striking decorative garden addition, while lending more flavor and protection to companion plants. Grow your purple basil in a garden bed or container during the summer for a bright and sweet flavor with some spice!

Purple Ruffles Basil Seeds Per Package

  • 1 oz - Approximately 19,000 Seed
  • 4 oz - Approximately 76,000 Seeds

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