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Basic Organic Biblical Bread Making Kit


Basic kit to make your own multi-grain whole Biblical Bread from scratch. Includes multi-grain bread grain mix, instructions, and other supplies. A hearty and healthy bread. A great addition to food storage. Certified Organic.


Basic Organic Biblical Bread Making Kit

Biblical Bread is a bread baked from a specific recipe found in the Old Testament: "Take thou also unto thee wheat, and barley, and beans, and lentils, and millet, and fitches, and put them in one vessel, and make thee bread thereof..." - The Bible

Biblical Bread is a hearty, heavy, whole multi-grain bread. It has a unique and delicious flavor. It is excellent with butter, honey, preserves, or toasted. It is much higher in protein and is a little more crumbly than most bread. The Biblical Bread Kit provides enough grains to make 6 hearty loves of multi-grain bread.

The Biblical Bread Kit Contains:

  • 5 Lbs of Biblical Bread Grain Mix (Approx 13 Cups of Grain) - When ground into flour it yields about 22 to 23 cups of flour. This is enough flour to make 6 loaves of bread. Our Biblical Bread Grain Mix is certified Organic and has the perfect proportion of grains to make delicious and wholesome Multi-grain Bread. The Biblical Bread Grain Mix includes:
  • 1.5 Lbs of Biblical Sprouting Grain Mix (Approx 3 Cups of Grain) - For inclusion for Multi-Grain Bread with sprouted grains. To be sprouted, chopped and added to multi-grain Bread dough before baking. Enough to add to 3 loaves of Biblical Bread.
  • 1 Quart Sprouting Jar w/ Strainer Lid - Perfect way to sprout grains for Biblical Bread. Instructions for sprouting and use included on jar label and on the recipe card.
  • Biblical Bread Recipe Card - Instructions for grinding grain, sprouting, recipes, serving ideas & more. Includes recipes for:
    • Biblical Bread for conventional oven
    • Biblical Bread for bread machines
    • Biblical Bread with Sprouted Grains for conventional oven
    • Biblical Bread with Sprouted Grains for bread machine

*About Fitches: Most scholars believe that "fitches" in the book, a variety of wheat called "spelt". As such, our grain blend includes plenty of spelt.

*Adding Sprouted Grains: Popular versions of Biblical Bread are made with and without sprouted grains. Biblical bread turns out quite different in texture and taste with or without sprouted grains included. Both are unique and delicious. The kit includes supplies and recipes to make Multi-grain Bread with and without sprouted grains. Not Included In The Kit: Recipes for Biblical Bread call for Olive Oil, Sweetener (Honey or Agave Nectar), Yeast, Salt & Water. You will need to provide these additional ingredients. There is no grain mill included in this kit. If you are looking for a complete kit that contains those additional ingredients (except water) please see our Deluxe Biblical Bread Kit. Looking for some good grain mills? We offer excellent electric grain mills and hand crank grain mills.

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