Planter Box

Planter Quantity:

The Vegetable and Flower Planter Box will be bigger and better than any window box or deck planter box you've ever used before. Also, with this size, you can grow substantial vegetable container garden.

Large Flower and Vegetable Planter Box

Don't let this box intimidate you. It's super simple and the 42 holes don't all have to be planted. The dirt won't fall out. Just water and fertilize as needed and your plants will be happy in their new planter box home. 

This box will result in a plentiful burst of grow with either bright flowers or the greens for the vegetables you have planted.

  • 10 gallons worth of volume
  • Easy to assemble and manage
  • 21 inches in length
  • 11 inches wide
  • 11 inches tall
  • 42 openings

***Get the most out of your planter box by following these assembly instructions and following step-by-step guides to get your seeds started and planted into your planter successfully.***

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