Scholarship Topics Page

Gardening and Plant Growing Topics

Please Choose a topic below to write about:


The following topics are intended to help guide you toward a topic that is as specific as possible. Each essay should cover the what, why, when, why and how of the chosen topic. A simple, surface-level overview of the topic won't be adequate; we are looking for specificity. For example, if you were to choose cover crops, either choose a specific cover crop seed and do a deep dive into its history, uses, and the science behind its use as a cover crop, or tell us about the history of cover crop seed use in general and include the specific points previously mentioned.

Put your mind and heart into these topics. We want to feel your passion for the plant sciences emoting from the words you write. Thank you and good luck.

1. Plant-related Exploration, such as . . .

  • Short vs Long day onion
  • Pole vs Bush bean
  • Mustard seed, greens, and cover crops
  • Determinate vs indeterminate varieties of seed
  • Edible flowers

2. Tell us about a particular growing method. This can encompass a wide variety of types of gardening, such as outdoor gardening, microgreen(soil vs hydroponic), sprouting, dry sprouting, etc.

3. Dive into the science of composting

4. Pesticide alternatives--tell us, in detail, other methods of keeping pests away and why it works. Teach about why it is the best method.

5. Mulch vs Fertilizer

6. Explore Hardiness zones and regional growing differences (Minnesota vs Florida for example).

7. Walk us through growing a plant for their seed, and show us the process to do so.

8. Explore winter vs summer gardening techniques.

9. The practice of growing cover crops

10. Explain to us the possibility of greenhouse gardening year round.

11. Tell us how to deal with/other common problems, such as Nematodes/Wilts/Mold in any gardening setting.

***Note: You are welcome to choose your own topic.