Instructions - Sprouted Wheat Bread


This kit makes up to 3 Loaves

  • ½ Cup Grain for Sprouting 2 Tablespoons Active Yeast 2 ½ Cups Very Warm Water
  • ½ Cup Agave
  • ½ Cup Oil
  • 7-8 Cups Whole Wheat Flour or White Whole Wheat Flour 1 Tablespoon Salt

Step 1: Prepare the Sprouts
Place ½ cup of grain into the sprouting tray base or a jar of some kind. Fill with warm water until the water covers the grain by over an inch. Soak 8 to 12 hours. Drain and rinse. Put the soaked seeds into the green sprouting trays, rinsing with warm water every
8 hours or so. Allow the seeds to sprout for between 16 and 24 hours until small white sprouts emerge from the seeds. When the sprouts are at this stage, proceed to Step 2. Notes on Sprouts: Do not allow the sprouts to grow more than a millimeter or two before use. Refrigerate to slow growth of the sprouts. You can use any of the 3 types of wheat provided. For more variation you can use Triticale, Spelt, Rye, Barley, Lentil, Kamut, Quinoa, Sesame, Chia, Sunflower. (all these mentioned would be good. You could use up to 5 different grains or seeds, or just one. But if using more than one, and sprouting them all together be sure they all sprout, before adding to the dough).
Step 2:
Soften the yeast by adding 2 tablespoons of active yeast to 2 1/2 cups very warm water. Let it sit about 5 minutes till it shows bubbles and has a foamy effect.
Step 3:
Stir in… ½ cup oil and ½ cup agave, and 2 cups of prepared sprouts: You can either put the sprouts into a blender and pulse on and off until the kernels come together in a doughy mass, or leave the seeds whole or chopped slightly if you prefer a nutty texture.
Step 4:
Add 4 cups whole wheat flour or even better White Whole Wheat flour, or your choice, and beat well (or mix 4 minutes in an electric bread mixer.) Note on Flour: As to the type of flour used, you could mix and math grains, but when using whole wheat or rye flours you may want to add a little wheat gluten to get better textured bread.
Step 5:
Cover and let this sponge rest 45 -60 minutes.
Step 6:
Stir down and gradually add 1 tablespoon salt and 3-4 cups more flour of your choice.
Step 7:
Turn dough onto a lightly floured or oiled surface and knead till smooth.
Step 8:
Make the size of loaves desired and place into greased or oil sprayed bread pans.
Step 9:
Let rise around 1 hour or till doubled in size.
Step 10:
Place in a 375 degree oven for 30 to 40 minutes.
Step 11:

Serving Ideas:

  • Brush lightly with olive oil or lightly salted olive oil, and serve toasted or untoasted.
  • Serve toasted or untoasted with fresh fruit preserves
  • Toast with agave and cinnamon for cinnamon toast
  • Spread with hummus, toasted or untoasted
  • Use in any sandwich


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