Welcome Brand Ambassadors!

Ambassador Hero

Thank you for becoming a brand ambassador. We're so happy to have you join us and want to ensure that you have all of the information you need to be successful on your journey. Please follow the steps below to ensure your success in our program.

Step 1: Watch Our Intro Video

Step 2: Join The Community

Follow our private Instagram page and/or Facebook Group just for Ambassadors and join the conversation. You’ll be joining a community of like-minded people that love the joys of gardening. We will be running giveaways on there, sharing your amazing content, and giving exclusive looks into True Leaf Market.

Ambassador Instagram Page  |  Ambassador Facebook Group

Step 3: Create Your Roster Account

We run our ambassador program on a website called Roster. This website helps us manage the whole program in a fun and organized way.

Create Your Account On Roster

Step 4: Start Earning Points

You will be able to start earning points right away by completing actions and sharing your referral link. Within the first 24hrs of being accepted into the program, you will receive an invite to your first campaign. 

Step 5: Create An Account On True Leaf Market

As you participate in the program and complete milestones, you will earn planting points you can spend on trueleafmarket.com. To access and use these points, you will need an account on our website (the account email should match the email you used to apply to the ambassador program). If you have any issues or questions please reach out to us.

Create your True Leaf Market Rewards Account

You’re All Set! Have Any Questions?


Why can’t I create an account on Roster?

When creating an account make sure to use the same email you used when you filled out the application. Create Your Roster Account Here

How can I reach the True Leaf Market ambassador team?

We have several ways to reach out

Can I add more social media accounts?

Yes, you can add all your social media accounts to your profile. Make sure you correctly add your social media link to Roster or it will go to a broken page.

Why are my points not showing up after I completed a campaign?

There are a few reasons why this could have happened.

  • 1) You haven’t linked your account to Roster correctly
  • 2) Your tag for True Leaf Market is working properly (please double-check to see if you tagged us)
  • 3) You didn’t use the correct hashtag

Will you remove me from the program if I don’t participate in every campaign?

No, we understand everyone has busy lives. If you haven’t participated in a campaign for more than 6 months, your account may be subject to removal.

Where do I access my points once I’ve completed a milestone?

Once you’ve completed a milestone, you can redeem your points on trueleafmarket.com through our Rewards Page. Your points will be tied to the email you provided when you applied to the program.

Want to MEET the True Leaf Market ambassador team?

Schedule a Zoom Call With Us here anytime.