Making Sauerkraut Book by Klaus Kaufmann & Annelies Schoneck


Making sauerkraut and pickling vegetables recipe book by Klaus Kaufmann & Annelies Schöneck.  This full color guide provides a great overview of the history and processes of making home made sauerkraut.  Soft cover, 60 pages.

Making Sauerkraut & Pickled Vegetables: Recipe Book

By Klaus Kaufmann & Annelies Schöneck

Making Sauerkraut and pickled vegetables at home, written by Klaus Kaufmann & Annelies Schöneck.  Filled with full color photographs and a general overview of the history and benefits of eating sauerkraut, this book is an excellent reference for any looking to start fermenting or pickling their own vegetables.

Contents include-

  • Introduction to Sauerkraut
  • History and Traditions
  • Friendly Bacteria and Health
  • Simple & Delicious Sauerkraut Recipes

Let this book help you discover the medicinal and healing benefits of making saurkraut and other pickled vegetables part of your daily diet.
Softcover, 60 pages.

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