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Side View Lexen Healthy Electric Juicer
Price: $229.00

Lexen Electric Healthy Juicer Free Ground Shipping on the Lexen Juicer Choose the Lexen Juicer with or without an Organic Wheatgrass Growing Kit A new standard in juice extractors. This is a powerful masticating type juicer that “crushes“ fruits and vegetables, including hard vegetables such as carrots. The lexen juicer comes with two augers, one dedicated to wheatgrass, and their other to juice everything else. This is one of the secrets that makes the lexen healthy juicer so good at juicing...

Lexen Manual Wheatgrass Juicer
Price: $59.95

Lexen Manual Healthy Wheatgrass Juicer While being a great juice extractor for both fruits and vegetables, the Lexen manual Healthy Juicer shines when it comes to extracting juice from wheatgrass. Creating dry, almost rope-like pulp, every ounce of juice will be pulled from your grass for optimal efficiency. Features include: Light Duty - Good for Travel, RV, low volume or occassional use juicing. Suction Base - Holds tight to smooth surfaces, withstanding up to 100 lbs of force. Fast Clean-up...