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Aromatherapy Bath Bombs
Price: $16.99

Scented Vegan Fizzing Bath Bombs by Level (6 pack) These potent little fizzy bath bombs create a world of relaxation all its own. These all natural bath bombs are a blend of sea salts, essential oils, and botanicals with a dash of water softening science all packed into a neat little fizz ball. Just toss one of these in the tub with you and breathe in the dream of a different time. Each package contains 6 fizzing bath bombs, weighing around 2 oz each. Vegan (No Animal Products) All natural...

Fizzy Shower Bombs by Level
Price: $8.45

Aromatherapy Shower Steamer Bomb by Level Enjoy an exhilarating menthol, eucalyptus and tea tree aroma infused shower with the new shower bomb by Level Naturals. Just place in the bottom of your shower under indirect water, but not near the drain. The powerful fizzing aromatherapy rides the steam for a home spa feeling like you have never experienced before. You will be surprised at the intensity of your first shower bomb experience and will be counting down the hours until you can do it all...