24 Watt LED Grow Light Panel


The 24w is a fourteen watt LED grow light that covers 2.5 to 4.5 square feet. It is a lower brightness LED plant grow light that is ideal for growers looking to green up 1-2 flats of wheatgrass at a time. Low electricity use and emits no heat.

24w LED Plant Grow Light Panel

Dual Band: Red/Blue
  • Perfect for growing wheatgrass, microgreens, herbs, seedlings & more
  • Great for hydroponics and aquaponics
  • Covers 2.5 Square Feet as primary lighting (hang 24" above plants)
  • Covers 4.5 Square Feet as supplemental lighting (hang 60" above plants)
  • 24 Watts
  • Hanging chains included
  • Ideal for greening up 1-2 flats of wheatgrass & microgreens at a time
Perfect for seedlings, clones & supplemental lighting. A favorite among wheatgrass, microgreens and herb growers. Great for aquariums too!

The LED grow light consumes up to 80% less energy than HPS & Metal Halide grow lights and emits virtually no heat. The 24w covers 2.5 square feet as primary lighting 4.5 square feet as supplemental light. Grow Panels work great for seedlings & clones or to provide additional light to you garden. A favorite among wheatgrass & microgreen growers. This panel is a plug and play grow light - it works right out of the box. There are no ballasts or reflectors needed. Hanging kit included. 120v, 1 year warranty.

Technical Specifications:

  • Wattage Power - 24w
  • Socket - 120 Voltage - US Standard
  • Beam Angle - 180 Degree
  • Dimensions - 12.20" x 12.20" x 2"
  • Color Ratio - Red & Blue 165:60
  • Red Wavelength: 660 nm
  • Blue Wavelength: 465 nm
  • Working Temp - 68 F. ~ 104 F.
  • Working Time - 10-14 Hours / day
  • Net Weight - Approx. 2 LBS
  • Warranty - 1 years

LED Grow Light Benefits:

  • Up to 80% energy savings vs. Metal Halide & HPS grow lights
  • Suitable for all stages of growth. Seed to Flower to Fruit
  • Discreet - virtually no heat emitted
  • 50,000+ hour lifecycle
  • Green Product - No Harmful substances- Environmentally friendly)
  • Proven results (view the image galleries throughout the site)


  • Home Enthusiasts
  • Schools / Universities
  • Urban & Indoor Gardeners
  • Wheatgrass, Microgreens, Herbs
  • House Plants
  • Seedlings & Clones
  • Primary Plant Lighting
  • Supplemental Plant Lighting

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