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jiffy pellets for growing
Price: $9.95-$192.60

Jiffy-7 Peat Pellets Seed Starter System Choose Size: 36 Millimeter Diameter 42 Millimeter Diameter Available in varous quantities: Fast & easy to use Perfect way to start seeds early Great for starting seeds indoors Transplant the self contained plant directly Bio-degradable, root-permeable peat netting Just soak & sow 36 MM pellets expand to approx 1.25" diameter and 1.25" high 42 MM pellets expand to approx 1.75" diameter and 1.75" high The Jiffy-7 pellet is made from sphagnum peat from...

Jiffy Pots
Price: $3.05

This pot is what Jiffy lists as the 3" pot but we measure this pot at 3 inches tall and 3.25 inches across the square top. Each pot has a round center drain hole at the bottom of the pot. This pot is frequently called a Jiffy #230. Jiffy pots are made using Canadian sphagnum peat moss mixed with wood pulp and a little lime to keep the PH in check. These pots are approved for organic production and are ideal for starting your plants indoor. These biodegradable pots can be planted which helps...

Jiffy Greenhouse Dome with Pellets
Price: $12.95

Jiffy Greenhouse Dome with Pellets Replacement pellets available Greenhouse lid 11"x11" 36mm Dome Starts 36 Seeds 42mm Dome Starts 25 Seeds Ideal for starting your seeds indoors! Just put a few seeds in each pellet and add water. Each pellet has its own compartment. All you have to do is put the dome lid on top and you have ideal temperature and climate settings to propagate your seedlings! The peat pellets expand into a self contained soil container held together thin netting. Drop the netted...