Hanging Strawberry Basket with Peat Pellets and Starting Tray

Planter Quantity:

Start growing strawberries on your porch or balcony with this hanging garden that thrives in sunlight, producing bright green vines with deep red strawberries.

Hanging Strawberry Basket Garden

This kit has everything you need to begin growing strawberries:

  • 3-Gallon hanging basket (16 holes around the outside and an 11-inch diameter top)
  • 4-Strand Metal Hanger
  • 50 Strawberry Berry Basket White Hybrid Seeds: everbearing runner variety, in full sun; well-suited to baskets, compact and bushy plants bear large, deep red, full-flavored berries until first frost. White flowers and shiny, deep green leaves on strong vigorous plants.
  • Jiffy 25 pellet professional Greenhouse: sphagnum peat moss provides a high quality growing environment that can be transplanted directly into the Bloom Master basket minimizing root shock or plant damage. Pellets are a convenient way to start flower and vegetable seeds. Just add water. Pellets expand but have a casing so they will maintain shape.

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