Handy Pantry Sprouting has been providing certified organic sprouting seeds and sprouting supplies for over 40 years now. We offer everything you need to start growing sprouts, microgreens, and grasses for juicing right in your own home. We also provide holistic-living products, such as fermenting kits and vegan milk making kits.

Water Garden Seed Packet Refills

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3 Jar Seed Sprouting Jar Kit seed sprouting jar, sprouting in a jar
Price: $72.99

Three Jar Sprouting Kit - Jar Sprouters & Seeds These 3 Jar Sprouting Kits from Handy Pantry are a perfect inexpensive way to get started with home sprouting. Not only do these jar sprouting kits offer a wide selection of sproutings seeds but also includes literature, jars, and lids. The perfect kit for those looking to get started with sprouters and wanting to try as many different kinds for sprouts as possible. When you purchase one of these kits you not only get 3 One-Quart Sprout Jars with...

Hanging Garden Stacker
Price: $66.99

Mini Garden Stacker with Herbal Tea Herb Garden Kit You can create delicious infusions and decoctions by just adding your fresh herbs to boiling water. Our kit is designed to help you start herbs in your own kitchen with a neat little 12" x 12" x 5" greenhouse. This greenhouse provides the perfect climate for fast-herb propagation and growth. Once you get your herbs started you can transfer them to your garden, or to a large pot for indoor growing. We have included twelve different types of...

Hanging Food Pantrie: Solar Food Dehydrator
Price: $39.99-$216.00

Hanging Food Pantrie - Air / Solar Food Dehydrator Handy Pantry Brand New improved design with high grade straps Dry foods inexpensively and naturally without electricity Great addition to food storage & emergency preparedness supplies Environmentally friendly Great for drying fruits, vegetables, jerky & more Trays can be used to sprout and grow wheatgrass The Food Pantrie hanging food dehydrator is the perfect way to dehydrate foods naturally without electricity. Costs a fraction of electric...

12 oz Nigari
Price: $11.95-$20.95

Japanese Nigari Tofu Coagulant Also Called: Bittern or Magnesium Chloride Includes: 16 or 32 Oz. of dried, refined, food grade japanese nigariNigari is the mineral salt residue left over when table salt is extracted from sea water. It contains many of the trace elements natually found in sea water, but primarily consists of magnesium chloride (also called bittern). Nigari is the traditional Japenese ingredient used to coagulate soymilk to make tofu. There are many other tofu coagulants that...

Vegan Milk Bag by Handy Pantry - Make Milk From Nuts, Rice, Hemp Seed, Coconut
Price: $10.19-$18.59

Vegan Nut Milk Bag by Handy Pantry - Whole Foods Straining Cloth This high quality handmade straining bag from Handy Pantry is made for creating homemade vegan milk. The durable nylon material makes rinsing snap by simply running the bag under warm water. This bag is perfect for those looking to make most any kind of whole foods milk including coconut, almond, cashew, hemp seed, oat, and more. 10" x 12" Reusable & Washable Handmade High Quality Nylon Bag Great for Making Vegan Milks Make...

Close Up - Organic Black Beans
Price: $8.19-$178.70

Organic Black Turtle Beans Known by several names including: Common Black Beans Black Turtle Beans Spanish Black Beans Black Beans: Certified Organic Resealable Packaging Fair Germination Rate Gardening, Hydroponics Sprouts & Sprouting Survival Food Storage Cooking, Soups, Rice & Beans More Black Turtle Beans are common black beans so popular in Latin American and Caribbean cuisine. They are dried and have a very long shelf life and are a great addition to any food storage program. They are...

Lifeforce Concentrated Seaweed Fertilizer Powder by Handy Pantry 4 Oz.
Price: $20.99-$51.99

Life Force Concentrated Seaweed Powdered Fertilizer Fertilizer & Seed Soak: 1-0-10 This 4 Oz. pack of concentrated seaweed powder by Handy Pantry is a powerful natural fertilizer and seed soak. The 4 Oz. Pack makes over 250 gallons of liquid fertilizer and seed soak. Great For: Bulbs & Seeds Fruit & Citrus Trees House Plants Lawns Shrubs & Trees Transplants Vegetable & Flower Gardens More Life Force seaweed fertilizer is a natural plant growth stimulant that contains a natural balance of major...

10x20 Humidity Domes
Price: $21.95-$159.95

Durable Clear Plastic Humidity Domes These 20" X 10" clear plastic domes fit perfectly with the black 10"x 20" trays we offer (both with and without drain holes). These domes may not be a perfect fit with similar trays sourced elsewhere. Fits the trays in all our microgreens growing kits 20" X 10" Approx: See below for exact dimensions Clear plastic Re-usable & sturdy Great for seed starts, microgreens, herbs & more Base of Dome - Exact Dimensions: Length: 20.5 In. (522 mm) Width: 10 1/8th In....

Deluxe Greens Kit
Price: $92.95

Deluxe Wheatgrass, Barleygrass, and Sunflower Greens Growing Kit The Deluxe Growing Kit is everything you need to grow healthy thick-bladed wheatgrass, barleygrass, and sunflower greens (delicious in salads). Perfect for growing grasses even in small kitchens or apartments. Each kit comes with simple easy to follow growing and harvesting instructions that will have you juicing healthy super-nutritious juice within ten days! To insure the highest possible mineral content and grass yield, we...

Close Up -Yellow Mustard
Price: $9.19

Organic Yellow Mustard Sprouting Seeds Certified Organic High Germination Rate Resealable Packaging Perfect for Sprouting Excellent for Cooking & Pickling Making your own Mustard Yellow Mustard (also sometimes called white mustard) seeds are traditionally used in pickling, sausage making and cooking. Yellow mustard seeds can be ground or used whole for cooking and making your own mustard. Sprouted yellow mustard seeds add have an slightly spicy mustard flavor that goes great in salads and...

Plastic Bucket Lid Wrench
Price: $5.15-$8.15

5 Gallon Plastic Bucket Wrench - Lid Lifter Tool Makes opening 5 gallon plastic buckets a breeze! Never struggle again to open the lid of a sealed five gallon plastic bucket. Made of tough plastic the bucket wrench is light weight and durable. Makes lifting the lid on buckets a snap. FEATURES: Sturdy plastic - won't break Easy to use Reusable Inexpensive A must for: Food storage Painters Construction Any five gallon bucket A great addition when you buy a food storage sprouting kit or any 35...

Close Up - Organic Spelt Grain
Price: $7.19-$101.56

Organic Spelt Grain Sprouting Seeds High Germination Rate Certified Organic Resealable Packaging Gardening, Hydroponics Grain Sprouts Survival Food Storage Grind into Flour for Baking, Pasta & More Grow Spelt Grass for Juicing Spelt Grain is a prehistoric species of grain related to wheat. The seed grain itself looks like a grain of wheat, only quite a bit larger. Spelt grain contains a broader spectrum of nutrients than regular wheat. It does contain gluten, but seems to cause less...

Close Up - Red Small Beans
Price: $8.19-$178.70

Certified Organic Red Chili Beans These flavorful red chili beans can be used in a variety of ways including making chili and other recipes, planted in a garden and even sprouted for high protein sprouts. In bulk they are an ideal addition to food storage. We include them in our Biblical Bread Grain Mix. Small Red Chili Beans: Certified Organic High germination rate Microbial tested Resealable packaging Food Storage Chili Beans & Rice Soups Cooking More ...

12 Oz. Gypsum Tofu Coagulant
Price: $13.90

Food Grade Gypsum Tofu Coagulant Also Called: Terra Alba & Calcium SulfateIncludes:12 Oz. of refined, food grade gypsumGypsum (yes the same stuff they use to make drywall) is naturally occurring calcium sulfate. Our gypsum is refined and food safe for use as a tofu coagulant. Gypsum is the traditional ingredient used by the Chinese as their tofu coagulant (as opposed to Nigari, which is favored by the Japanese) In addition to gypsum, you could choose from many other options as a tofu...

Close Up - Biblical Bread Mix
Price: $9.19-$128.99

Organic Biblical Bread Grain Mix: Take thou also unto thee wheat, and barley, and beans, and lentils, and millet, and fitches, and put them in one vessel, and make thee bread thereof... - The BibleThis mix of grains is ready to be ground into fresh flour with your mill. Note, this is not pre-ground flour. Many recipes for Biblical Bread can be found on the web, but they all call for the above grains. Our Biblical Bread Grain Mix is certified organic, and has the perfect proportion of grains to...

Barn Wood Planter Box with Drip Tray - 2 Views
Price: $36.99

Reclaimed Barnwood Planter Box Made from reclaimed barn wood, this amazing planter box is a great addition to any home decor. Each weathered barnwood planter box is unique, with its own personality based on the unique features of the reclaimed wood. The corners are highlighted with attractive iron flanges. Includes a clear plastic drip tray so you can place the planter anywhere without fear of water damage or stains. Makes a great gift idea for indoor and outdoor gardeners! Made from recycled...

Worm Castings
Price: $17.99-$58.95

Worm Castings - Natural Fertilizer Worm castings are the waste product of redworms and castings make a powerful soil additive. Redworms deposit a water-soluble, ready to use casting 5 to 11 times richer in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK) than the organic matter they consumed. Also rich in calcium, magnesium and other minerals. The earthworms powerful gizzard grinds the matter while the intestinal tract secretes chemicals which release the major as well as micro plant nutrients and...

Wheatgrass Rejuvenation Cream
Price: $22.95

Wheat Grass Skin Rejuvenation Cream by Handy Pantry Lotion Tube - 4 fl. oz. Mild Lavender ScentVegan Animal Free Cruelty Free Natural Ingredients including Wheatgrass Extract Handy Pantry's wheat grass skin recovery lotion uses the healing power of wheat grass and chlorophyll to speed relief and healing of a variety of skin ailments including: eczema, dry and cracked skin, molluscan, anal fissures, and more. Mild Lavender Scent. Replete with anti-oxidants and wheat grass extract, this creams...

Wheatgrass Growing Kit + Tornado Stainless Steel Juicer
Price: $149.90

Organic Wheatgrass Kit with Tornado Manual Juicer A perfect way to get started growing and juicing wheatgrass. Perfect for growing grasses even in small kitchens or apartments. Each kit comes with simple easy to follow growing and harvesting instructions that will have you juicing healthy super-nutritious juice within ten days! To insure the highest possible mineral content and grass yield, we have included an organic growing mix and Azomite, a natural mineral additive that insures that your...

Four Tray 2 Shelf Microgreens Growing Stand
Price: $409.95

Wheatgrass Growing Stand / Rack - Wide Configuration - 2 Trays on 2 Rows Please note: This product may take between 5 and 15 days to ship! The 'Perfect' Fit for four trays of wheatgrass! The highest quality shelving unit we have found, but requires a longer time to ship! Two shelves with two trays per shelf Four tan 22" x 11" drain trays Two 48 inch, 40 watt plant grow lights built in Two lamp fixtures Four 40 watt wide spectrum lamps included Available in chrome color only. 40" H x 52" W x...

Barnwood Planter with Wheatgrass
Price: $49.99

Reclaimed Barnwood Planter Box With Artificial Wheatgrass You won't find a decorative piece like this anywhere else. A beautiful decorative planter made from reclaimed barnwood, fitted with durable PVC plastic artificial wheatgrass. A one of a kind gift idea for any occasion. Each weathered barnwood planter is one of a kind, with its own personality based on the unique features of the re-purposed barn wood. The corners are highlighted with attractive iron flanges. Fitted with 4" high...

Soyabella Soymilk Maker & Tofu Kit
Price: $132.06

Soyabella Soymilk Maker with Tofu Making Kit Includes 5 Lbs. of Certified Organic Yellow Soybeans. Get started making your own fresh soymilk and tofu out of the box! Make Your Own Soymilk for less than seventy cents per quart and tofu for pennies per serving. Compare to the cost of brand name health food store soy milk: the Soyabells soy milk machine pays for itself in no time. Soymilk Maker Features: Makes soymilk, almond milk, porridge, rice paste and more Also works as a coffee grinder &...

Sprout Sack Bag Sprouter
Price: $19.99

The Sprout Sack - Bag Sprouting Kit from Handy Pantry Sprout Sack sprouting bags are great for easy sprouting of beans, grains and larger sprout seeds. Not a great choice for smaller seeds like alfalfa, as roots tend to grow through the material, but not a problem for the larger seeds. Simply dip bag in water to rinse, then hang to grow! These bags are great for sprouting while traveling. Hiking, camping and they are especially popular for RVs. Certified Organic Re-usable sprout bag Resealable...

Millet: Hulled - Organic millet, milet, no hull, no shell, shelless
Price: $8.19-$127.29

Organic Hulled Millet Seeds (Husk Removed) Millet has about the same protein content as wheat (11%) and is high in vitamins and minerals, especially B Vitamins. Millet is usually the main ingredient in most birdseed mixes as it is a softer small seed that can be eaten by all birds, (whole or hulled). Millet is a grain that is excellent to grind for flour, bird seed, porridge, and beer making. Hulled millet is usually used as a food, as opposed to a sprouting seed. Hulled millet will sprout,...

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