Handy Pantry Sprouting has been providing certified organic sprouting seeds and sprouting supplies for over 40 years now. We offer everything you need to start growing sprouts, microgreens, and grasses for juicing right in your own home. We also provide holistic-living products, such as fermenting kits and vegan milk making kits.

Water Garden Seed Packet Refills

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Buckwheat Groats - Closeup
Price: $7.19-$167.24

CERTIFIED ORGANIC HULLED BUCKWHEAT GROATS 100% Certified Organic whole buckwheat groats (hulled buckwheat). Excellent as a snack. Raw Buckwheat groats have a mild flavor, but can be toasted and roasted for more intense flavor. They can be steamed like rice, or used toasted to add crunch in salads, cooked as a breakfast cereal and lots of other uses. Buckwheat Groats (shell removed) Certified Organic Resealable Packaging Microbial Tested Poor Germination Rate (not for sprouting) Toasting,...

Sprouting Jar - Quart Size with Seed
Price: $12.49

Quart Sprouting Jar by Handy Pantry This quart sprouting jar includes a sturdy sprouting jar strainer lid and 2 Oz. of organic alfalfa seeds to get you started. Instructions are printed on the water-proof label. It's everything you need to learn and grow sprouts using the jar method. Use multiple jars to run multiple crops, or to have fresh sprouts maturing all the time. Made in the USA BPA Free Seed provided is Certified Organic Easy & Fun Handy Pantry Quart Sprouting Jar Includes: Handy...

Typhoon Manual Wheatgrass Juicer Extractor
Price: $29.95

Typhoon Wheatgrass JuicerThe Typhoon juicer by Handy Pantry is the best quality plastic manual juicer available. It is made of durable, BPA free, food grade plastic. It is easy to assemble, disassemble and clean. It is dishwasher safe and perfect for juicing wheatgrass, barley grass, leafy greens, soft fruits and soft vegetables. The Typhoon is also capable of making smoothies from very soft fruits like strawberries and bananas.Features: Durable BPA Free PlasticPerfect for light duty,...

Artificial Wheat Grass Squares
Price: $9.45-$34.95

Decorative Plastic Artificial Wheatgrass - Fake Wheat GrassDurable PVC plasticChoose Size:Measures 6" by 6" (Height of blades is 3.5" to 4")Measures 12" by 12" by 4" highEach Square has 8 connecting pointsConnect multiple squares for seamless coverageEasily trim size to fit any space needPerfect for interior decoration, this realistic artificial wheat grass is 6 inches square and 4 inches high. It can be cut down to fit any need. All four sides have connectors so you can connect them together...

Close Up - Organic Red Lentil Sprouting Seeds
Price: $6.69-$152.99

Organic Red Lentil Sprouting Seeds Certified Organic Microbial Tested Resealable Packaging High Germination Rate Sprouts & Sprouting Food Storage Soups & Cooking More Organic Lentil sprouts are high in fiber, protein and amino acids, vitamins A, C, B complex and E, iron, calcium and phosphorous. Raw organic red lentil sprouts can have a mild peppery flavor. Organic red lentil sprout seeds make a good substitute for celery or green pepper in salads, soups and vegetable combinations. Red lentils...

Close Up - Organic Hard White Wheat
Price: $5.69-$79.99

Organic Hard White Wheat Perfect for: Certified Organic Good Germination Rate Resealable Packaging Growing Wheat Sprouts Grinding for Whole Wheat Flour & Baking Bread Food Storage & Survival Sprouting Growing Ornamental Grass More Hard white wheat is a high protein, high fiber variety of white wheat that produces a whiter flour and whiter light textured breads. Some folks with wheat allergies find they can tolerate white wheat. It has a very low moisture content, and stores extremely well,...

Close Up - Organic Millet Close (Hull Intact)
Price: $8.19-$114.42

Certified Organic Millet Seeds - WholeMillet has about the same protein content as wheat (11%) and is high in vitamins and minerals, especially B Vitamins. Millet is usually the main ingredient in most birdseed mixes as it is a softer small seed that can be eaten by all birds, whole or hulled. Millet is a grain that is excellent to grind for flour, bird seed, porridge, and beer making. Whole MilletRaw - Certified Organic Resealable PackagingMicrobial TestedPerfect As Birdseed & Animal Feed...

Medicinal Herb Seed Assortment
Price: $12.15

Collection of 12 Medicinal Herb SeedsGrow your own herb garden with mother nature's medicine cabinet: healing herbs. This assortment of twelve specially selected herbs will liven up any herb garden or planter box. Each packet of seeds contains plenty of high germination rate, fresh herb seed. The individual seed packets are sealed in a mylar pouch to insure viability and freshness. Includes detailed instructions High germination rate seeds Seeds included: EchinaceaChamomileLemon...

Close Up -  Onion Sprouting Seed
Price: $16.99-$795.85

Onion Sprouting Seeds Chemical Free - Not Organic High Germination Rate Microbial Tested Resealable Packaging Suitable For Sprouting Delicious Salad Sprouts Great For Gardening Onion seeds are some of the most beautiful sprouting seeds, being a deep rich and uniform black color. Onion sprouts are among the most flavorful sprouts. A sprouted onion seed is like a very tiny onion or scallion, and onion sprouts taste just like onions, but not quite so powerful. They make an excellent addition to...

Close Up - Organic Kamut Grain
Price: $10.19-$165.85

Certified Organic Kamut Grain - Sprouting Seeds Kamut - Triticum turanicum High Germination Rate Certified Organic Resealable Packaging Survival Food Storage Kamut Grass for Juicing Breakfast Cereal / Pilaf Grind for flour Baking / Cooking More Kamut® is a trademark for ancient variety of grain called khorasan The KAMUT® trademark is a guarantee that the grain has never been hybridized or genetically modified, meets strict quality standards and is always organically grown. An individual grain...

Close Up - Organic French Blue Lentils
Price: $7.19-$152.99

Certified Organic French Blue Lentil Sprouting Seeds Spectacular Coloring Certified Organic Resealable Packaging Microbial Tested High Germination Rate Growing Sprouts Food Storage Soups & Cooking More Organic French Lentils are the best and most delicate lentils. They are sometimes referred to as peppery french lentil seeds, or blue lentil seeds. The delicious organic french lentil seed was originally grown in the volcanic soils of Puy in France, but now organic french lentils are also grown...

Beginners Dozen Seeds
Price: $82.19

The Beginner's Dozen Sprouting Seed Selection An incredible 12 Pound assortment of certified organic and high germination rate sprouting seeds. Packaged in a mylar resealable bags for long shelf life. All seeds are microbial tested. A great selection of different sprouting seeds for serious sprouters. Some sprout seeds in the collection like garbanzo, radish, lentil and green pea can be multi-purposed for garden seeds, soup & cooking ingredients, food storage & more. 1 LB Each of: Organic...

Soil Based Microgreen Starter Kit
Price: $62.99

Soil Based Microgreens Growing KitSome of our favorite microgreens don’t do well hydroponically and prefer soil. This starter kit includes everything you need (including soil) to start growing exciting microgreens like sunflower, buckwheat, pea, and others in soil. You will be harvesting your own delicious and nutritious microgreens in ten days. Your family and friends will enjoy this colorful, healthy and delicious new live food alternative.This kit is a soil based kit. Microgreens can be...

Red Worms for Composting
Price: $39.99

1 Lb of Redworms (Eisenia Fetida) for Composting - Approx 1000 WormsThese little guys aren't pleasant to look at but they will turn a spent flat of wheatgrass into amazing composted worm castings in no time! One pound of redworms can consume up to a pound of organic matter per day. The result is worm castings (a very nice name for worm poop). Worm castings are one of the best growing mediums available! The magic of red worms is that they deposit a water-soluble, ready to use casting 5 to 11...

Stack & Grow with Culinary Herb Garden Kit
Price: $78.48

Stack and Grow Planter + Culinary Herb Garden KitThe Stack & Grow planter is the ultimate way to enjoy an indoor culinary herb garden! With this planter and culinary kit combo, you will be growing your own fresh culinary herbs in no time. The Stack & Grow is a large stacking planter that allows you to grow large quantities of culinary herbs. Once you have tried the amazing taste of fresh herbs in your cooking, you will have a hard time going back to bland, store-bought herbs. Growing your own...

Terra Cotta Stacker
Price: $36.99

Mini Garden Stacker - All Weather Stackable & Hangable Garden PlanterGreat For the Creative Gardener! Stackable. Portable. Hang-able. Includes Hanging Chain. All-Season Planter.Imagine on your deck, balcony, Window Sill, Countertop or in your home entryway a cascade of colorful flowers, tasty herbs, strawberry patch or tomato patch beautifully displayed in a planter that can be easily put indoors or outdoors as the weather changes. You can purchase multiple units to stack them even higher....

Deluxe Sprout Growing Kit - Contents
Price: $98.35

Deluxe Sprouting KitEverything You Need to Grow Healthy Fresh Sprouts in Your Own Kitchen is in this home seed sprouts kit. This deluxe sprouter kit is the ultimate plunge into a serious sprouting setup. It includes an amazing twelve pounds of assorted certified organic sprouting seeds and the Handy Pantry sprout garden stackable tray sprouting system for growing sprouts. The sprout garden sprouter is our favorite sprouter due to it's space saving approach, durability, and versatility. An...

Close up of Organic Black Chia Seeds
Price: $7.49-$299.49

Organic Chia Sprouting Seed: Growing Chia - See below for special chia microgreens sprouting instructions. Black Chia - Salvia Hispanica Certified Organic High Germination Rate Resealable Packaging Microbial Tested Perfect for Edible Seeds Gardening, Hydroponics Growing Salad Sprouts Growing Microgreens Survival Food Storage Cooking Chia Pet Refills More Chia seeds were a staple food source for the Aztecs. They are are an excellent source of protein, dietary fiber and Omega 3 fatty acid and...

Indoor Herbal Tea Herb Garden Kit
Price: $37.99

Herbal Tea Herb Garden Starter Kit You can create delicious infusions, and decoctions by just adding your fresh herbs to boiling water. Our kit is designed to help you start herbs in your own kitchen with a neat little 12" x 12" x 5" greenhouse. This greenhouse provides the perfect climate for fast herb propagation and growth. Once you get your herbs started you can transfer them to your garden, or to a large pot for indoor growing. We have included twelve different types of herbs for you to...

Spray Bottle
Price: $2.99

Extra Spray Bottle Spray bottle, used for misting germinating microgreens seeds grown both hydroponically and in soil.

Micro Glow 50 Watt LED Grow Light
Price: $132.59

50w LED Plant Grow Light by Handy Pantry Our Most Popular LED Grow Light!Covers up to 5 Square Feet (3 to 4 trays) as primary lighting (hang 36 inch distance from plants)Covers up to 12 Square Feet as supplemental lighting (hang 60 inch distance from plants)Replaces 250W MH/HPS grow lampsDual Band LED: Red & BlueThis is a full cycle grow light and showers your plants in light suitable for all stages of growth. Covering 5 square feet, the panel can be used as a stand alone plant light or it can...

Wheatgrass Growing Kit + Hurricane Stainless Steel Juicer
Price: $178.50

Organic Wheatgrass Kit Plus Hurricane Manual Wheat Grass JuicerIf you need a great starter kit with a juicer that will juice grasses and many other soft fruits and veggies, then the Wheatgrass Growing Kit w/ Juicer is everything you need to grow healthy thick-bladed wheatgrass. Perfect for growing grasses even in small kitchens or apartments. Each kit comes with simple easy to follow growing and harvesting instructions that will have you juicing healthy super-nutritious juice within ten days!...

14 watt growing light
Price: $64.99

24w LED Plant Grow Light PanelDual Band: Red/BluePerfect for growing wheatgrass, microgreens, herbs, seedlings & moreGreat for hydroponics and aquaponicsCovers 2.5 Square Feet as primary lighting (hang 24" above plants)Covers 4.5 Square Feet as supplemental lighting (hang 60" above plants)24 WattsHanging chains includedIdeal for greening up 1-2 flats of wheatgrass & microgreens at a timePerfect for seedlings, clones & supplemental lighting. A favorite among wheatgrass, microgreens and herb...

Close Up - Organic Oat Groats
Price: $7.19-$101.56

Organic Hulled Oats Grain: Oat Groats Resealable Packaging Survival Food Storage Grind to Make Oat Flour Roll for Oatmeal / Cereal Animal Feed Cooking Doesn't Sprout Well Oat groats (hulled oats) have the inedible outer husk removed. Hulled oat groats are perfect for food uses but don't sprout well. If you are looking to sprout oats, please see our organic whole oats. Oat groats are perfect for grinding into oat flour, rolling for oatmeal and are a fantastic choice in bulk for long term food...

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