Handy Pantry Sprouting has been providing certified organic sprouting seeds and sprouting supplies for over 40 years now. We offer everything you need to start growing sprouts, microgreens, and grasses for juicing right in your own home. We also provide holistic-living products, such as fermenting kits and vegan milk making kits.

Water Garden Seed Packet Refills

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Close Up - Organic Sunflower, In Shell Black
Price: $4.99-$159.99

Certified Organic Sunflower Sprouting Seeds, In Shell Black Resealable Packaging Highest Quality Certified Organic High Germination Rate Sprouting Seeds & Microgreens Salads Food Storage More Organic sunflower seeds are high in fiber, protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins A, B complex, C, potassium, magnesium and also these organic sunflower seeds offer the trace elements zinc, manganese, copper and chromium. Organic Sunflower seed greens have a hearty, slightly salty taste that pack an...

Hydroponic Wheatgrass Kit
Price: $46.99

Hydroponic Wheatgrass Growing KitHydroponic method for growing wheat grass without soil Certified Organic Hydroponic Growing - Less Mess Cheaper Shipping - Lighter Kit Soil-Less Easy, fast & fun Finally a solution to grow wheat grass effectively using tested hydroponics. These brand new Micro-mats replace the soil in the traditional Wheat Grass Kit, making a great soil-less kit. We have tested this mat and found it to be very comparable to growing wheatgrass in soil. Our new kits comes with...

Barnwood Planter - Culinary Herb Kit
Price: $35.00

Barnwood Planter Herb Garden Kit This amazing rustic planter box made from reclaimed barnwood (includes clear plastic drip dray) is ideal for growing an indoor kitchen herb garden. An attractive addition to any home or kitchen, the complete kit is everything you need to grow the most popular cooking herbs right in your own kitchen. The kit includes 6 varietes of herb seeds, each pack enough to plant the entire barnwood planter box, but you can mix and match with up to 4 herbs of your choice....

Closeup - Whole Organic Oat Sprouting Seeds
Price: $7.19-$114.68

Organic Oats: Whole Oat Grain Sprouting Seeds (Hull Intact) Whole Oats - Hull On High Germination Rate Resealable Packaging Sprouting as grass or outdoors (skin is very rough for eating oat sprouts) Growing Ornamental Oat Grass Survival Food Storage Grind to Make Flour Animal Feed More These oats have the hull intact and as such aren't a great choice for food purposes, but are a great choice as sprouting seeds. Organic whole oats can be used as animal feed, food storage, sprouting, growing...

Close Up - Dun Pea Sprouting Seeds
Price: $4.99-$72.99

Dun Pea Sprouting Seeds High Germination Rate Microbial Tested Resealable Package Sprouting Microgreens Survival Food Storage Gardening Soups & Cooking More Dun Pea is a colorful and flavorful variety of pea. Dun Pea sprouts are crunchy and have a delicious slightly sweet fresh flavor. The same is true of microgreens / dun pea shoots. The seeds are dried, and have an excellent germination rate and can be used for food storage, garden seed, sprouting, soups and much more. Plant dun peas in a...

Close Up - Crunchy Lentil Fest Sprouting Mix
Price: $4.99-$152.99

Certified Organic Crunchy Lentil Fest Sprouting Seed Mix Certified Organic High Germination Rate Resealable Packaging Microbial Tested Amazing sprout salad mix Crunchy, protein rich sprouts Great for a colorful lentil soup Staff favorite This organic lentil salad includes: Green Lentils, Red Lentils, & French Blue Lentils, for sprouts, soup, hydroponics, gardening, food storage, salads & more. They make a zesty snack, colorful lentil soup or a great addition to sprout salads. One of our most...

Close Up - Buckwheat
Price: $2.49-$69.99

Organic Buckwheat Sprouting Seeds: Whole Buckwheat (shell on) Whole buckwheat seeds: Certified Organic High Germination Rate Resealable packaging Microbial Tested Sprouting Seeds for Buckwheat greens / buckwheat lettuce Food Storage Organic Buckwheat seeds can be grown in soil just like the sunflower seeds. Divide the tray into two parts, one reserved for the sunflowers, the other side for the organic buckwheat seeds, and follow the same method as listed above. The reason you want to separate...

Close Up - Organic Rye Grain Seeds
Price: $6.19-$83.55

Organic Rye Grain Seeds Resealable Packaging Certified Organic High Germination Rate Use for grain to make rye flour Bread & Baking Long Term Food Storage More This organic rye is hulled and is great for grinding into whole-rye flour for baking rye bread. It is a great candidate for long term food storage, and has a high germination rate. It can be sprouted and grown into ornamental rye grass. It can also be used as animal feed. ...

Close Up - Organic Bean Salad Mix
Price: $4.19-$165.85

Certified Organic Bean Salad Mix Certified Organic Microbial Tested High Germination Rate Resealable Packaging One of our most popular high-protein sprout seed mixes. A delicious blend of sproutable beans. Use as a straight sprout salad or to add crunch to egg and tuna salads & more. These sprouts are delicious with lemon juice! Great for food storage, sprouting or make a soup directly out of the bean mix. Bean Salad Sprouts Mix Includes: Adzuki Mung Bean Green Lentil Radish ...

Organic Dog & Cat Pet Grass Kit
Price: $26.59

Organic Pet Wheatgrass Kit / Ornamental Grass Kit Certified Organic Cats & Dogs Love Wheatgrass! Easy & Fun to Grow A great option to grow wheatgrass for decorative / ornamental purposes Weddings, table center pieces, interior decoration, more The Pet Wheatgrass Kit Includes: 5 lbs. of Certified Organic Wheatgrass seed5 Trays (10"x10")1 Bag of Organic SoilComprehensive step-by-step growing instructions For Use as a Decorative Ornamental Kit: Whether the snow is still blowing outside or your...

Super Sampler Sprouting Seeds
Price: $38.99

Sprouting Seed Super Sampler - Assortment of 10 Sprout Seeds Sample Ten 4 Oz Bags of 100% Certified Organic Sprouting seed, our top seller for beginner sprouters! This "Super" sprout seed sampler includes Ten 4 Oz Bags of 100% Certified Organic Sprout Seed Sampler. Alfalfa, Bean Salad Mix, 3 Part Salad Mix, 5 Part Salad Mix, Mung Bean, Green Lentil, Clover, Buckwheat, Broccoli & Radish. The perfect and inexpensive way to experiment and discover new sprouting flavors and combinations. Sprout...

Culinary Herb Assorted Seed Pack culinary, herb,seed,assortment
Price: $12.15

Assortment of 12 Culinary Herb Garden Seeds - Non-Hybrid Each packet contains many seeds. Experiment inside as well as outside. Seeds are repackaged in a resealable mylar bag for long and easy storage. Start your own herb garden, indoors, outdoors, on your kitchen counter top or on your window sill. Seed Selection of 12 Herb Seeds: Parsley Thyme Cilantro/Coriander Basil Dill Oregano Mint Chives Savory Garlic Chives Mustard Sage QUALITY & QUANTITY GUARANTEE Each Packet comes with lots of seed,...

Basic Tray Sprouting Kit
Price: $49.99

Organic Basic Sprouting Kit Everything you need to start growing fresh healthy sprouts in your own kitchen. This basic sprouting kit is the best way to get started in sprouting. It includes instructions, a nice assortment of organic sprouting seeds, and the Handy Pantry Sprout Garden, the best stackable tray sprouter on the planet. We recommend tray sprouting as our preferred method to grow sprouts. The Handy Pantry sprouter can also be used to grow wheatgrass hydroponically! This kit even...

Hanging Herb Garden
Price: $66.99

Mini Garden Stacker & Culinary Herb Garden Kit Start a garden in your own kitchen. Our indoor culinary herb garden kit is designed to help you start herbs in your own kitchen or windowsill with a neat little 12" x 12" x 5" greenhouse. This herb greenhouse provides the perfect climate for fast-herb propagation and growth. In just a few weeks you will have herb plants. Each Kit Includes: Assortment of 12 Culinary Herb Seeds Each packet of seed contains much more seed than is needed for the kit....

Organic Amaranth Grain - Close Up
Price: $8.19

Organic Amaranth Sprouting Seed and Grain High Germination Rate Certified Organic Microbial Tested Resealable containers Perfect for Edible Seeds Gardening, Hydroponics Growing Salad Sprouts Survival Food Storage Cooking Toasting More Amaranth seeds were a staple food source for the Aztecs & Incas and are used as a cereal grain today in South America & Africa . Amaranth seeds and sprouts are an excellent source of protein, fiber and essential amino acids. When toasted, Amaranth seeds pop like...

Close Up - Organic Soft White Wheat
Price: $5.19-$75.84

Organic Soft White Wheat Perfect for: Certified Organic Good Germination Rate Resealable Packaging Growing wheat sprouts and making Rejuvelac (see recipes below) Grinding for Whole Wheat Flour & Baking Bread - Great for Pastry Flour Food Storage & Survival Sprouting Growing Ornamental Grass More Soft White Wheat Soft white wheat is a lower protein wheat with a higher moisture content. Flour from organic soft white wheat is a better choice for things like muffins, crackers, cereals, cakes,...

Close Up - Organic Garbanzo Bean
Price: $4.19-$178.70

Certified Organic Garbanzo Beans Certified Organic Microbial Tested Resealable Packaging Dried High Germination Rate High Protein Sprouts Garden Seed Recipes & Cooking Food Storage Much more... When sprouted this dried garbanzo bean seed has a nutty flavor suitable for marinating or as additions to salads or loaves. Three-fourths cup of dried organic garbanzo beans chick peas makes about one quart of sprouts. The dried organic garbanzo bean seed will be ready to harvest and eat in 3 to 5 days....

Adzuki Bean - Close Up
Price: $7.19-$152.99

Organic Adzuki Beans - Adzuki Sprouting Seeds High Germination Rate Perfect for Edible Seed, Gardening, Hydroponics, Growing Salad Sprouts, Survival Food Storage, Cooking, & More Seeds are Microbial Tested Certified Organic Available in 4 sizes, resealable packaging Organic Adzuki Beans are small, oval beans that are reddish-brown in color with a thin, white line down the side. Adzuki Beans are about 1/4 inch long with a nutty, sweet flavor and firm texture. This is a bush bean rather than a...

Close Up - Organic Green Lentils
Price: $2.49-$152.99

Certified Organic Green Lentil Sprouting Seeds High Seed Germination Rate Certified Organic Resealable Packaging Microbial Tested Garden Seed, Hydroponics Sprouting & Sprouts Survival Food Storage Organic Seeds Cooking Soups & Cooking And More... Raw green lentil sprouts have a delicious flavor with a hint of pepper to the taste. They pack a powerful crunch. Organic green lentil sprouts make a good substitute for celery or green pepper in salads, soups and vegetable combinations. Lentil soup...

Close Up - Chinese Cabbage Sprouting Seeds
Price: $4.19-$294.75

Chinese Cabbage Sprouting Seeds Chemical free, however not organic High germination rate Microbial Tested Resealable Packaging Great for sprouting salad sprouts Gardening, food storage & more. Chinese Cabbage Sprouts Are High in Vitamin A and C, Minerals and When Exposed to Light Are High in Chlorophyll. Variety is Micchinni Cabbage. Chinese Cabbage Seeds Sprouts are best consumed within the first three days from germination. If they are allowed to grow for too long, the Chinese cabbage...

Close Up - Organic Yellow Soy Beans
Price: $3.79-$89.99

Organic Soybeans - Yellow Soy Beans Certified Organic Resealable Packaging Microbial Tested Lower Germination Rate - About 85% Making Soymilk & Tofu Recipes & Cooking Food Storage More These organic soybean seeds are a very versatile bean that can lower cholesterol and protect against cancer through its healthy protease inhibitors. Organic Soybean seeds sprouts are good for keeping blood sugar under control. Soybean seed sprouts are great in salads, stir fry's, soups and breads. These organic...

Sprouting Jar - Quart Size with Seed
Price: $12.49

Quart Sprouting Jar by Handy Pantry This quart sprouting jar includes a sturdy sprouting jar strainer lid and 2 Oz. of organic alfalfa seeds to get you started. Instructions are printed on the water-proof label. It's everything you need to learn and grow sprouts using the jar method. Use multiple jars to run multiple crops, or to have fresh sprouts maturing all the time. Made in the USA BPA Free Seed provided is Certified Organic Easy & Fun Handy Pantry Quart Sprouting Jar Includes: Handy...

Jar Top Fermenter Close
Price: $14.95-$28.99

Handy Pantry Jar Top Fermenter Finally! An inexpensive and easy solution for small batch lactic acid fermentation in canning jars! The Jar Top Fermenter Includes: air lock unit, stainless steel spacer cup, air lock lid with seal, extra canning jar lid & ring, detailed instructions. Choose Your Option: Jar Top Fermenter Jar Top Fermenter with 1 Quart Jar Jar Top Fermenter with 2 Quart (half gallon) Jar Making your own sauerkraut and other lactic acid fermented vegetables is now easy and...

Natures Superb Superfoods - eBook by Susan Smith Jones PhD
Price: FREE

Nature's Superb Superfoods Lose Weight & Revitalize your Body with Sprouts and Microgreens by Susan Smith Jones PhD Download aFREE copy of Susan's full color, 51-page digital e-Book NATURE'S SUPERB SUPERFOODS: Lose Weight & Revitalize Your Body with Homegrown Sprouts If you want to lose weight, look years younger, detoxify and rejuvenate your body, save on your grocery bills, adopt a healthy hobby that keeps on giving, and get your family involved in kitchen gardening, you'll love this e-Book...

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