Garden Cover Crop Mix

Seed Amount:

Cover crops are found to improve soils in several ways- by protecting existing soil, contributing organic material and nutrients, and keeping the soil alive year-round to ensure healthy composition. All of these elements were considered in compiling this carefully chosen blend. There are four legumes to set nitrogen in the soil, three hardy grains for rapid cover and bio-mass, a deep-rooted radish to help break up and aerate the soil, a mustard with natural insecticidal properties, and a great collard for forage and additional biomass. This cover crop is great for either fall or spring. Planting rate is about 65 lbs per acre or one pound will cover about 600 square feet. Recommended to till the plants in before they bear seeds.

Hairy Vetch


Winter Peas


Fixation Balansa clover


Crimson Clover


Winter Triticale


Winter Wheat


Winter Rye grain


Driller Dicon Radish


Yellow Mustard


Forage Collards



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