Four Tray Tall (4 Shelves) Growing Rack


Plant Growing Stand. This unit will also hold 4 microgreens trays but is 4-tiered high so each tray goes on a row by itself. It also has wheels! It comes with four light and four water capturing trays. Available in Brown or Aluminum. (Please allow 5-15 days to ship)

The 'Perfect' Fit for four trays of microgreens!

Please note: This product may take between 5 and 15 days to ship!

  • The highest quality shelving unit we have found, but requires a longer time to ship!
  • Four Shelves
  • Four tan 22" x 11" drain trays
  • 3 inch wheels
  • Four 24 inch, 20 watt
    Two Lamp fixtures
    With eight 20 Watt Wide Spectrum Lamps included
  • Available in Aluminum or Brown
  • 74"H x 27"W x 12"D

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