Deluxe Sprout Growing Kit


The ultimate sprouting starter kit for those interested in a serious approch to sprouts. Makes more than 100 pounds of sprouts! Includes a 3 tray stackable sprouter, instructions and an assortment of 12 lbs of sprouting seeds! Certified Organic.

Deluxe Sprouting Kit

Everything You Need to Grow Healthy Fresh Sprouts in Your Own Kitchen is in this home seed sprouts kit.

This deluxe sprouter kit is the ultimate plunge into a serious sprouting setup. It includes an amazing twelve pounds of assorted certified organic sprouting seeds and the Handy Pantry sprout garden stackable tray sprouting system for growing sprouts. The sprout garden sprouter is our favorite sprouter due to it's space saving approach, durability, and versatility. An informative sprouting booklet is included. Everything you need to learn the basic aspects of home sprouting virtually every kind of organic seed, bean or grain is here for you in this deluxe home seed sprouter kit! The quantity of sprouter seed in this sprouter kit makes over 100 pounds of sprouts!

  • Certified organic seeds
  • Makes over 100 lbs of sprouts!
  • Re-sealable mylar seed bags
  • High germination rate & microbial tested seeds
  • Great way to start sprouting
  • A great addition to food storage
  • Many seeds usable as garden seed, soups & cooking

Each Deluxe Sprouting Kit Includes:

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