Emergency Storage Seeds

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Emergency Storage Seeds

Storage Seeds are a key component of any preparedness plan but not all ‘storage seeds’ are true archive quality. Mountain Valley Seed Co. is THE leading supplier of archive quality storage seed. Many suppliers simply repackage crop year seed and sell it as storage seed. For many varieties, this will result in seed with less than optimal moisture content and a shorter shelf life. We prepare and test our seeds in-house to ensure the storage products you buy from us will give you the best odds of longer shelf life.

All Storage products from Mountain Valley Seed Co:

  • Are stable, open-pollinated, or heirloom, strains which mean you can save seeds from each harvest to be grown the following year producing a true to type garden year after year.
  • Are specially prepared and tested on our state of art equipment to ensure the optimum moisture content for increased storage life according to our proprietary research tables.
  • Are tested in our in house laboratory to independently verify every seed lot meets our high standards for germination rates.
  • Are sealed in a triple layered re-sealable foil bag allowing you to both store your seeds and use some immediately. Simple open the package, removed desired seeds, reseal the package and store the rest, all without compromising viability

Our seeds can be safely stored for a minimum of 4 years if they are kept in a cool dry climate (65º to 70ºF) or longer at lower temperatures.

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