Renee's Garden Seed Collection

Every variety of Renee’s Garden Seeds is personally curated by world pioneering garden innovator Renee Shepherd. Renee personally selects each variety of non-gmo, premium seeds especially for home gardeners. Renee selects varieties that are easy to grow, reliable, and look and taste amazing. You can count on consistent, outstanding performance in your garden in every climate zone in the USA. Renee’s offer the very best kitchen garden vegetable varieties, culinary herbs, and a wide range of fragrant and hard to find old-fashioned flower seeds. You won’t find these varieties at your local hardware store or garden center; these carefully curated varieties are something special.

Every single variety was grown in Renee’s personal garden trials and served at her table for family and friends. Every variety in this collection beat out dozens of other competing varieties that didn’t measure up to Renee’s exacting standards. Each seed packet comes with detailed step-by-step planting instructions, grow chart, harvesting instructions, other tips and cooking ideas, written by personally by Renee.

With Renee’s Garden Seeds, you know you are getting carefully trialed, top-quality seeds for the very best varieties chosen from traditional seed producers all over the world. They are more expensive than generic hardware store rack seeds, but wow, are they worth it!

Legend: H for Heirloom, O for Organic, A for AAS Winner, F for staff favorites