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We strive to expand our product offering and are constantly adding new products to help you grow!  Check back frequently for new additions including kits, seeds, seed assortments, growing supplies and gardening gift items. Looking for growing products we don't carry? Please let us know.

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Tobacco Seeds - ComstockTobacco Seeds - Comstock Seed Packet
Tobacco Seeds - Comstock
Starting at $2.99
Lavender Seeds (Organic)Lavender Seeds Organic Seed Packet
Lavender Seeds (Organic)
Starting at $2.89
Dryland Pollinators Wildflower MixDryland Pollinators Wildflowers Grown
Wildflower Seeds - Dryland Pollinators
Lavender Seeds - HidcoteLavender Seeds - Hidcote
Lavender Seeds - Hidcote
Starting at $4.39
rocky mountain wildflower mixrocky mountain wildflower mix white background
Rocky Mountain Wildflower Mix - Gift Bag
[ { "featured_image": "products/comstock-spanish-tobacco.jpg", "secondary_image": "products/MVS-generic-packet-com_af0f4ba5-e0e5-449f-a448-cdfd0ce8eab7.jpg", "price": 299, "handle": "comstock-tobacco-seeds", "title": "Tobacco Seeds - Comstock", "url": "/products/comstock-tobacco-seeds", "available": true }, { "featured_image": "products/lavender-organic-com-wm.jpg", "secondary_image": "products/SSC-organic-generic-packet-com_a609cb60-b698-42a6-a7d0-d806b2772e5c.jpg", "price": 289, "handle": "organic-lavender-herb-seeds", "title": "Lavender Seeds (Organic)", "url": "/products/organic-lavender-herb-seeds", "available": true }, { "featured_image": "products/dryland-pollinator-mix-w-flowers-com-wm.jpg", "secondary_image": "products/dry-land-wildflower-mix-seed-com-wm.jpg", "price": 1318, "handle": "wildflower-seeds-dryland-pollinators", "title": "Wildflower Seeds - Dryland Pollinators", "url": "/products/wildflower-seeds-dryland-pollinators", "available": true }, { "featured_image": "products/lavender-hidcote-blue-com-wm.jpg", "secondary_image": "products/Seed_Packet_1_1_1_1_1_bb25ca9a-f8a7-4b9d-96b1-286379fbce36.jpg", "price": 439, "handle": "lavender-seeds-hidcote", "title": "Lavender Seeds - Hidcote", "url": "/products/lavender-seeds-hidcote", "available": true }, { "featured_image": "products/rocky-mountain-wildflower-mix-wm_1.jpg", "secondary_image": "products/rocky-mountain-wildflower-mix-wb-pile-wm_1.jpg", "price": 1318, "handle": "rocky-mountain-wildflower-mix-gift-bag", "title": "Rocky Mountain Wildflower Mix - Gift Bag", "url": "/products/rocky-mountain-wildflower-mix-gift-bag", "available": true } ]