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Microgreen Growing Kits

Microgreens Growing Kits

No matter what level of gardener or microgreener you are (beginner, intermediate, or expert), we have a microgreens growing kit suited just for you. Grow your own full large tray of one type of microgreens or grow smaller trays of different types to experiment with growing and flavor combinations. We have hydroponic kits for a cleaner growing experience, and soil kits for a more traditional growing experience. Most microgreens kits come with seeds and growing supplies to help you have a successful crop.

Check out our Microgreens Growing Guide for helpful growing tips and information.

Legend: H for Heirloom, O for Organic, A for AAS Winner, F for staff favorites
Variety Pack Mini Microgreens Growing KitArugula Mini Microgreens Growing Kit
Sectional Hydroponic Microgreens Starter KitReady to Harvest
1020 Grow Tray Clear humidity domeclose up - clear humidity dome
Sunflower Tray Greens
stainless steel aquaponic Microgreens KitStainless steel aquaponic Kit Grown Micro Greens
Self Watering Microgreens Kit Contents
Self-Watering Growing Trays 1Self-Watering Growing Trays 2 pack
Staff Favorite
self watering trays amaranthself watering kit microgreens white background
Windowsill Self Watering Microgreens KitWindowsill Self Watering Microgreens Kit Contents
HeirloomOrganicStaff Favorite
aged barnwood planter kit componentsaged barnwood planter microgreens kit
ZestiGreens Microgreens Starter KitZestiGreens Microgreens Starter Kit - Information
Chia Growing Kit - HydroponicHydroponic Chia Growing Kit
Heartway Farms Microgreens Starter Kits Standart