Welcome to True Leaf Market, the new home of GrowingMicrogreens.com! Growing microgreens is not only healthy and delicious, but is challenging and fun. With us, find all the seeds, supplies, and advice that you’ll need. Microgreens can be grown indoors or outdoors with our wide variety of do-it-yourself kits. It takes up little space—it is literally countertop gardening!

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Microgreens are tiny garden plants that are harvested and eaten when they are still juveniles. They are grown in trays like grass on counter-tops and tables, using a hydroponic medium or soil. They are ready to harvest in about 10 days, which entails cutting their stems just above the soil or growth medium and rinsing. Think of microgreens as teenage sprouts, packed with nutrients and flavor!

Microgreens have been gaining increasing popularity since 1991 because they are easy to grow and maintain, and they are a lot of fun to experiment with culinarily. On top of that, there are so many options when it comes to growing microgreens. Most garden vegetable and herb seeds can be grown as microgreens. Here is a notable few: Radish, Lettuce, Sunflower, Arugula, Chard, Beet, Pea, Cilantro, Basil, Onion, Pak Choi, Kale, etc. Explore through our long list of seeds to discover your new favorite treat!

Microgreens are not only a fun hobby with a delicious payoff, they are extremely healthy for you! Dense in vital enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and chlorophyll, they provide your body with the nutrients they would otherwise use to grow into a strong plant. There aren’t many foods you could eat that are fresher and better for you.

If you have more questions about Microgreens, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page!

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Corn - Yellow Popcorn (Organic) - Microgreens SeedsCorn - Yellow Popcorn (Organic) - Microgreens Seeds
Corn - Yellow Popcorn (Organic) - Microgreens Seeds
Starting at $8.51
Dill - Bouquet - Microgreens SeedsDill - Bouquet - Microgreens Seeds Close Up Seed
Dill - Bouquet - Microgreens Seeds
Starting at $4.48
Onion - Utah Yellow Sweet Spanish - Microgreens SeedsOnion - Utah Yellow Sweet Spanish - Microgreens Seeds Close Up
Staff Favorite
Onion - Utah Yellow Sweet Spanish - Microgreens Seeds
Starting at $9.18
Marigold Seeds - Minuta, EdibleMinuta Marigold, Edible - Seeds - Bulk Wholesale
Marigold Microgreens Seeds - Minuta, Edible
Starting at $3.49
Chrysanthemum - Broad Leaf, Edible - Microgreens SeedsChrysanthemum - Broad Leaf, Edible - Microgreens Seeds
Chrysanthemum Seeds - Broad Leaf, Edible - Microgreens
Starting at $6.88
yellow mustard microgreensyellow mustard microgreens white background
Yellow Mustard Microgreens Seeds
Starting at $4.16
Yellow Swiss Chard Microgreens SeedsYellow Swiss Chard Microgreens Leaves close up
Swiss Chard Seeds - Yellow - Microgreens
Starting at $7.70
Organic Garbanzo Bean SeedsGarbanzo Bean Seeds - Organic
Garbanzo Bean Seeds - Organic
Starting at $4.00
Organic Swiss Chard Yellow Microgreens SeedsSwiss Chard - Canary - Organic Seeds Close Up
Swiss Chard Seeds - Yellow - Organic - Microgreens
Starting at $9.33
Pea Seeds - Yellow Sugar - Organic - Microgreens SeedsPea Seeds - Yellow Sugar - Organic - Microgreens Seeds
Pea Seeds - Yellow Sugar - Organic - Microgreens Seeds
Starting at $5.20
Rapeseed - Canola - Microgreens SeedsRapeseed - Canola Hand
Rapeseed - Canola (Organic) - Microgreens Seeds
Starting at $4.67
Rapeseed - Canola - Microgreens SeedsRapeseed - Canola Hand
Rapeseed - Canola - Microgreens Seeds
Starting at $4.29
Nasturtium - Empress of India - Microgreens Seeds
Starting at $5.46
Nasturtium Seeds - Alaska - Microgreens Seeds
Starting at $6.07
Nasturtium - Whirlybird Mix - Microgreens Seeds
Starting at $6.34
Radish Seeds - Crayon Colors Mix - Microgreens
Starting at $5.76
[ { "featured_image": "products/1673372568_yellow-organic-corn-popcorn-600-600_1.jpg", "secondary_image": "products/1673372568_yellow-organic-corn-popcorn-600-600.jpg", "price": 851, "handle": "corn-yellow-popcorn-microgreens-seeds-organic", "title": "Corn - Yellow Popcorn (Organic) - Microgreens Seeds", "url": "/products/corn-yellow-popcorn-microgreens-seeds-organic", "available": true }, { "featured_image": "products/dill-bouquet-microgreens-wm_700.jpg", "secondary_image": "products/dill-bouquet-seeds-wm_700.jpg", "price": 448, "handle": "dill-bouquet-microgreens-seeds", "title": "Dill - Bouquet - Microgreens Seeds", "url": "/products/dill-bouquet-microgreens-seeds", "available": true }, { "featured_image": "products/nasturtium-empress-microgreens-wm-700.jpg", "secondary_image": "products/nasturtium-empress-microgreens-wb-wm-700.jpg", "price": 546, "handle": "nasturtium-seeds-empress-of-india", "title": "Nasturtium - Empress of India - Microgreens Seeds", "url": "/products/nasturtium-seeds-empress-of-india", "available": false }, { "featured_image": "products/onion-utah-sweet-microgreens-wm_700.jpg", "secondary_image": "products/onion-utah-sweet-seeds-wm_700.jpg", "price": 918, "handle": "onion-utah-yellow-sweet-spanish-microgreens-seeds", "title": "Onion - Utah Yellow Sweet Spanish - Microgreens Seeds", "url": "/products/onion-utah-yellow-sweet-spanish-microgreens-seeds", "available": true }, { "featured_image": "products/marigold-microgreens-wm_700_11c0d701-31d8-497b-8340-01287f8ee4b7.jpg", "secondary_image": "products/SeedPouch_3ff31779-7f90-498e-b98b-18e382d61345.jpg", "price": 349, "handle": "marigold-seeds-minuta-edible", "title": "Marigold Microgreens Seeds - Minuta, Edible", "url": "/products/marigold-seeds-minuta-edible", "available": true }, { "featured_image": "products/edible-chrysanthemum-microgreens-wm_700.jpg", "secondary_image": "products/edible-chrysanthemum-seeds-wm_700_01412303-0a6d-4c77-a6e4-d1b33731c938.jpg", "price": 688, "handle": "chrysanthemum-broad-leaf-edible-microgreens-seeds", "title": "Chrysanthemum Seeds - Broad Leaf, Edible - Microgreens", "url": "/products/chrysanthemum-broad-leaf-edible-microgreens-seeds", "available": true }, { "featured_image": "products/yellow-mustard-microgreens-wm_-_Copy_1.jpg", "secondary_image": "products/yellow-mustard-microgreens-wb-wm_-_Copy_1.jpg", "price": 416, "handle": "yellow-mustard-microgreens-seeds", "title": "Yellow Mustard Microgreens Seeds", "url": "/products/yellow-mustard-microgreens-seeds", "available": true }, { "featured_image": "products/nasturtium-alaska-mix-microgreens-wm-700.jpg", "secondary_image": "products/nasturtium-alaska-mix-microgreens-wb-wm-700.jpg", "price": 607, "handle": "nasturtium-seeds-alaska", "title": "Nasturtium Seeds - Alaska - Microgreens Seeds", "url": "/products/nasturtium-seeds-alaska", "available": false }, { "featured_image": "products/nasturtium-whirlybird-mix-microgreens-wm-700.jpg", "secondary_image": "products/nasturtium-whirlybird-mix-microgreens-wb-wm-700.jpg", "price": 634, "handle": "nasturtium-seeds-whirlybird-mix", "title": "Nasturtium - Whirlybird Mix - Microgreens Seeds", "url": "/products/nasturtium-seeds-whirlybird-mix", "available": false }, { "featured_image": "products/chard-swiss-yellow-microgreens-wm-sm.jpg", "secondary_image": "products/chard-swiss-yellow-microgreens-cotyledons-wm-sm.jpg", "price": 770, "handle": "swiss-chard-seeds-yellow-microgreens", "title": "Swiss Chard Seeds - Yellow - Microgreens", "url": "/products/swiss-chard-seeds-yellow-microgreens", "available": true }, { "featured_image": "products/seeds-organic-garbanzo-sprouting-seeds-garbanzo-beans-bulk-com-wm.jpg", "secondary_image": "products/seeds-organic-garbanzo-sprouting-seeds-macro-shot-of-garbanzo-sprouting-seed-com-wm.jpg", "price": 400, "handle": "garbanzo-bean-seeds-organic", "title": "Garbanzo Bean Seeds - Organic", "url": "/products/garbanzo-bean-seeds-organic", "available": true }, { "featured_image": "products/chard-swiss-yellow-microgreens-sus-com-wm.jpg", "secondary_image": "products/swiss-chard-yellow-sus-com-wm_7d88a306-9e30-4c31-afba-337d2004ef06.jpg", "price": 933, "handle": "swiss-chard-seeds-canary-organic-micrgoreens", "title": "Swiss Chard Seeds - Yellow - Organic - Microgreens", "url": "/products/swiss-chard-seeds-canary-organic-micrgoreens", "available": true }, { "featured_image": "products/radish-crayon-colors-mix-cotyledons-wm_1_88876724-8df2-4a8a-805c-9d38609ce060.jpg", "secondary_image": "products/radish-crayon-colors-mix-cut-wm_1_86e1c435-e5e6-40b3-90c2-127c94e4ff37.jpg", "price": 576, "handle": "copy-of-radish-seeds-crayon-colors-mix", "title": "Radish Seeds - Crayon Colors Mix - Microgreens", "url": "/products/copy-of-radish-seeds-crayon-colors-mix", "available": false }, { "featured_image": "products/Pea-yellow-sugar-organic-WM.jpg", "secondary_image": "products/non-gmo-seed-bag-premium_720x_e473ef45-949e-4145-97d2-2dae2bfc4780.webp", "price": 520, "handle": "pea-seeds-yellow-sugar-organic-microgreens-seeds", "title": "Pea Seeds - Yellow Sugar - Organic - Microgreens Seeds", "url": "/products/pea-seeds-yellow-sugar-organic-microgreens-seeds", "available": true }, { "featured_image": "products/yellow-wm-wb-comp_a84d3798-94f8-4530-a9fd-02abb5fd6adc.jpg", "secondary_image": "products/person-wm-wb-comp_96ea0cc2-05fb-44db-9bc3-51254c994ef1.jpg", "price": 467, "handle": "rapeseed-canola-organic-microgreens-seeds", "title": "Rapeseed - Canola (Organic) - Microgreens Seeds", "url": "/products/rapeseed-canola-organic-microgreens-seeds", "available": true }, { "featured_image": "products/yellow-wm-wb-comp_5ede6be4-e5c9-4e61-a8bf-beafb9167f81.jpg", "secondary_image": "products/person-wm-wb-comp_a9fedfef-4884-485f-a717-e75ead05bf5c.jpg", "price": 429, "handle": "rapeseed-canola-microgreens-seeds", "title": "Rapeseed - Canola - Microgreens Seeds", "url": "/products/rapeseed-canola-microgreens-seeds", "available": true } ]