Chervil - Curled

Seed Amount:

Anthiscus cerefolium  Annual. 60 days. Finely cut curled leaves. Parsley-like flavor with a hint of tarragon. Use for soups, egg dishes, fish and sauces. Aromatic leaves. Best to crop in spring and fall. Likes partial shade. Ht. 12 inches.

Curled Chervil Microgreens / Microherb Seeds

Curled Chervil Seeds: Anthriscus cerefolium
Tray Seeding: Approx 1 Oz Seed for a 10x20 Inch Tray
Seed Presoak: No
Growing Medium: hydroponic, soil
Preferred Medium: soil
Germination Rate: high
Germination Time: 3 to 4 days
Microgreens Harvest time: 12+ days
Microgreens Ideal Harvest: 12+ days
Baby Salad / Adult Stage Harvest: not recommended
Micro Greens Color: green
Micro Greens Flavor: Mild, fresh, airy flavor with a hint of anise
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  • Microgreens
  • Garnishes & sandwiches
  • Sprouting
  • Survival Food Storage
  • Gardening
  • Cooking & seasoning
  • More

Notes & Growing Tips: Curled Chervil is a common herb related to the parsley family, and has a nice fresh, airy flavor that will accent any salad or other mild dish. Micro chervil seeds for microgreens.

***Note: Although we have indicated the specific medium that this particular seed prefers, you can still experiment with either soil or hydroponic mediums. Results may vary.

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