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    Up to 85 days. Foliage is greenish-gray with small blue flowers. Dried leaves can be used for tea and as a stimulant for cats. Small bilabiate blooms can be white, spotted with purple or pink. The dried herb has a mint-like fragrance.

    Catnip Garden Planting Seeds

    Nepeta cataria

    This perennial has heart-shaped, toothed leafed, fuzzy flowers. Attracts not only cats but bees and butterflies! Used in European medicinal folk traditions as a sleep aid or calming agent.

    • Height - 3 to 4 feet
    • Spacing - 15 to 18 inches
    • Width - 3 inches
    • Depth - 1/2-inch

    Native to dry temporal climates, Catnip will thrive in mild conditions, producing fragrant flowers that can be used in several applications or as an ornamental plant for your flower garden.

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