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    Up to 12 days as a micro green. This certified organic buckwheat seed is a quick-germinating, warm season annual broad-leafed plant. As a microgreen (also called buckwheat lettuce), Buckwheat takes about 10 days to mature and is ready when 90% of hulls have fallen off. This large sprout has a height concentration of B-vitamins. Can also be planted as a cover crop. 

    Organic Buckwheat Microgreens Seed

    Fagopyrum esculentum

    Also known as Buckwheat Lettuce, Buckwheat, as a micro green, is very tender with red edges  and has a very mild flavor. Ann Wigmore incorporated Buckwheat lettuce as a regular part of her living-whole-foods diet.

    • Soak - 8 to 12 hours
    • Rinse - 2 times per day
    • Plant -  2nd day

    Packed with Vitamins A and C, Calcium, chlorophyll, iron, lecithin, potassium, and amino acids, this microgreen is a staple among those who grow microgreens regularly. Great on salads, sandwiches, and just by themselves.

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