Browallia - Bells Series - Jingle Bells Mix

Seed Amount:

Up to 80 days. Great for beginners. Tenacious mauve and aqua flowers bloom throughout the summer. Requires partial shade. Suitable for planting containers, such as patio pots, and garden beds.

Browallia Jingle Bells Flower Garden Seeds 

Browallia speciosa major 

Also known as Amethyst Flower and Sapphire Flower, Browallia is a popular plant for Alpine Garden and Hanging Baskets because of its trailing habit, spilling over the edges of containers and filling in areas between rocks, trees, walls, and other plants. 

  • Height - 10 to 12 inches
  • Spacing - 12 to 16 inches
  • Spread - 12 to 14 inches

Plant in areas where shade is plentiful--too much sun and Browallia will burn. Plant in containers in more temperate climates. In warmer climates, Browallia will thrive outdoors as long there is shade.

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