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Close Up - Biblical Bread Mix
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Organic Biblical Bread Grain Mix: Take thou also unto thee wheat, and barley, and beans, and lentils, and millet, and fitches, and put them in one vessel, and make thee bread thereof... - The BibleThis mix of grains is ready to be ground into fresh flour with your mill. Note, this is not pre-ground flour. Many recipes for Biblical Bread can be found on the web, but they all call for the above grains. Our Biblical Bread Grain Mix is certified organic, and has the perfect proportion of grains to...

Blend-Tec Kitchen Mill
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Kitchen Grain Mill by BlendTec (Formerly K-Tec) - Electric Grain GrinderFree Ground Shipping on the Blendtec Kitchen Grain Mill!We love this grain mill! It is a super durable and inexpensive option compared to other electric grain mills. Discover the great taste of freshly milled grains. We sell this mill, but we also use it! We use it to make delicious fresh baked multi-grain bread and biblical bread. The taste of freshly milled whole grain bread can't be replicated with any store-bought or...

Close Up - Organic Oat Groats
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Organic Hulled Oats Grain: Oat Groats Resealable Packaging Survival Food Storage Grind to Make Oat Flour Roll for Oatmeal / Cereal Animal Feed Cooking Doesn't Sprout Well Oat groats (hulled oats) have the inedible outer husk removed. Hulled oat groats are perfect for food uses but don't sprout well. If you are looking to sprout oats, please see our organic whole oats. Oat groats are perfect for grinding into oat flour, rolling for oatmeal and are a fantastic choice in bulk for long term food...