We've carefully assembled these kits to be exactly what you need to begin making your own flour or rolled oats for bread or cereal, or to make your own flax seed oil.

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Basic Cereal Flaking Kit
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Organic Basic Cereal Flaking KitSprouted Wheat Flakes Cereal Making Kit - Flake your own wheat cerealHaving the ability to make your own cereal flakes might seem like a strange idea, but consider these benefits:Food Storage – You might have hundreds of pounds of raw wheat in your food storage. Converting all that wheat into usable food can be a real challenge. You have options: You can certainly boil it and eat it, or grind it into flour. Consider that freshly sprouted wheat can be manually...

Basic Biblical Bread Kit
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Basic Organic Biblical Bread Making KitBiblical Bread is a bread baked from a specific recipe found in the Old Testament: "Take thou also unto thee wheat, and barley, and beans, and lentils, and millet, and fitches, and put them in one vessel, and make thee bread thereof..." - The BibleBiblical Bread is a hearty, heavy, whole multi-grain bread. It has a unique and delicious flavor. It is excellent with butter, honey, preserves or toasted. It is much higher in protein and is a little more...

Flax Grinding Kit - Brown Flaxseed
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Organic Flax Seed Grinding KitLooking for an easy way to get your Omega-3 essential oils? Ground flax seed is one of the best ways to add healthy oils to your diet!Ground flax seed not only provide you with Flax oil but provides you with nutritious fiber and it easier for your body to use and digest. Flax seeds can be sprinkled on salads, mixed into smoothies, used in recipes, or even eaten as a cereal. Ground flax is an easy and super healthy addition to your diet. Ground flax is also an...

Home made rolled oats
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Organic Oat Rolling KitMAKE YOUR OWN ROLLED OATSHaving the ability to make your own rolled oats might seem like a strange idea, but consider these benefits: Organic & Unprocessed – Until you have tasted freshly rolled organic oatmeal, you won’t realize how mushy, listless and bland oatmeal made from store bought, processed rolled oats really is. Oatmeal made from freshly rolled oats is hearty with a phenomenal texture somewhere between crunchy and chewy. Can eating freshly rolled organic...

Organic Sprouted Wheat Bread Starter Kit
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Organic Sprouted Wheat Bread Making Starter KitMake your own delicious and amazingly nutritious sprouted grain breads from scratch. The kit includes 3 different types of organic wheat (hard red, soft white, hard white) a tray sprouter, instructions and a detailed recipe book. Takes the mystery out of making your own sprouted wheat bread. You provide your own grain grinder and other ingredients like yeast, etc…The Organic Sprouted Wheat Bread Making Kit includes:2.5 Lbs of Hard Red Wheat2.5 Lbs...