Find everything you need to begin growing in Bloom Master hanging baskets and much more at True Leaf Market! We carry the most versatile hanging planter baskets and large planter boxes that can be used for decoration and gardening. Our design allows the plants four times the planting space compared with more conventional containers, giving flowers, herbs, and vegetables plenty of room to thrive. Use to revitalize areas with flowers or to repurpose areas for urban vegetable and herb gardening.

Hanging Baskets & Planter Boxes:

Bloom Master Planter Box

Price: $42.50

Beautify your city with Bloom Master Baskets and Planters

More Planting Possibilities . . .

The patented plug-insert design puts more possibilities into the designer’s hands. The plastic material, deeper baskets, and plentiful holes all give Bloom Master planters more room for planting—4x more the plant-able surface area than other baskets and planters. The high number of holes in Bloom Master hanging baskets allow for incredible design flexibility. Plant an entire basket with one variety of flowers or many varieties—the point is that it's up to you!

Faster and Stronger Results . . .

Our planter and basket designs allow plants to grow fuller and faster because they house more soil and encourage oxygenation. The roots of the planted plugs will grow, using oxygen to convert sugar to energy. The holes in the planters allow oxygen to reach the roots more easily (even if the hole is occupied by a plant). The high volume of soil in the planter gives plant roots room to grow large, as well as help keep the basket or planter moist for longer periods.

Best Design Made With Quality Materials . . .

Our baskets are made of high quality polypropylene, and they come in 2, 3, 4, and 6-gallon sizes. Our baskets and planters have mounting and hanging capabilities made easy. Wire hangers, chain hangers, wall mounts, and brackets can be used to place your planter wherever you desire.

Bloom Master Pepper and Flower Garden

The Bloom Master Urban Garden

Homegrown fruits and vegetables take the right tools and know-how. Bloom Master garden containers are easily planted, mobile, reduce watering, eliminate weeding, and come in various sizes each with plenty of holes to plant whatever flavorful varieties you want in your home garden. Visit our online store for complete garden kits, individual tools and accessories. Or click the buttons above to get specific planting instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How big should my starter plugs be?

We find the best plug sizes are 36 mm and 42 mm. They fit securely in the holes. The root ball should be inserted from outside the basket onto the moistened potting mix.

2. What kind of soil should I use?

Potting mix should be used in Bloom Master baskets. This is a more coarse mix that will not fall out of the holes. If your soil is too fine, mix it with compost and you should be fine.

3. What kind of fertilizer should I use and how often?

In most cases, a daily half dose of 20-20-20 is just right. This should be supplemented with a biostimulant twice a year. However, you might consider having your water tested before fertilizing to ensure that you are using the right type of fertilizer. We carry several kinds of fertilizers, depending on what your current soil and seedlings require. FERTILIZE once a week with a good liquid fertilizer that meets the needs of the variety of plants you are using.

4. Will my plants and soil fall through the holes?

No; if you are using the right soil and planting your seedings firmly they should thrive. Also, it is NOT necessary to plant every opening! The hanging baskets need to have flowers and plants placed in the top and first row of holes to create the cascading effect. After this, the other holes are optional-use. In fact, with certain varieties of plants you shouldn’t plant more than every other hole

5. How much and how often should I water?

Always leave 1½” in the top of the container for a water reservoir and water deeply until water drips from drain holes in the bottom of the container—this will also help to leach out mineral build-up. Be sure each basket has drainage. The more soil volume in the basket the less often it needs to be watered. Of course, this varies slightly depending on what plants you decide to grow. So, be sure to do adequate research on the plants you decide to grow.

6. How much weight will the brackets hold?

With as much soil volume as the Bloom Masters have these baskets can get pretty heavy. Then of course they get heavier when they are fully watered. To compensate for all this, the brackets are engineered to withstand high weights.

7. Can I use a one-arm bracket instead of two?

Yes. The single arm and the double arm both use the same collar so you can add two arms or only one arm to a lamppost or pole depending on your need..

8. Can I leave the brackets up all year?

Sure. One nice part about the design is that the arms can be removed and added without changing the collar at all. So some cities like to take off the arms and leave the collar up through the winter so it’s all ready for next year's plantings.

9. Should I be concerned about the lamppost holding the weight?

We’ve never had any problems; municipal lampposts are typically between 6 – 9 inches in diameter and will have no difficulty carrying the load of hanging baskets.

10. How high should I mount the bracket?

We like the bottom of the basket to sit 7 to 8 feet high. If you use a 6-gallon Bloom Master basket you need to mount the collar about 1 foot above that, roughly 8 to 9 feet high. A simple way to visualize this is your basket will hang roughly at the same height as the collar.

11. Should I mount the arms parallel to the street or perpendicular?

The arms can be directed anyway you like, but there are a couple items to be careful of when choosing a location of the baskets. The most important consideration is the clear path of vehicles. If the baskets are in the street, changing the height likely won’t fix the problem considering the heights of buses and trucks. So, keep your baskets out of the vehicular driving path. The other consideration of basket location is placing them in the walking path.

12.What if my lamppost is fluted?

The round collar design mounts to fluted, round, and even octagonal posts.

13.What if my lamppost is square?

We design custom collars to fit any lamppost.

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Lawn Stand - 24"
Price: $66.00

24" Lawn Stand Planter Basket HolderThis 2-foot lawn stand has been designed to be staked directly into your yard. The stand is designed for a 3-gallon basket (not included) and is a great alternative to a shepherd hook when you need to add a spot of color or interest in a specific location. Choose the location for the stand, be sure it is free of any pipe or drip lines, or other utilities that might be within a foot from the surface of the ground (you just don't want the stake to cut...

Shelf Bracket for Bloom Master Planters
Price: $43.00-$189.00

Two Shelf Brackets for Planter Boxes The shelf bracket comes in sets of two. (Two brackets for one box planter) It is a pretty simple and economical way to support the Box Planter. These shelf are simply mounted into a wall by screws and will hold the box planter at any height you would like. 

Hanging strawberry garden kit
Price: $28.00

Hanging Strawberry Basket GardenThis kit has everything you need to begin growing strawberries:3-Gallon hanging basket (16 holes around the outside and an 11-inch diameter top)4-Strand Metal Hanger50 Strawberry Berry Basket White Hybrid Seeds: everbearing runner variety, in full sun; well-suited to baskets, compact and bushy plants bear large, deep red, full-flavored berries until first frost. White flowers and shiny, deep green leaves on strong vigorous plants. Jiffy 25 pellet professional...

6 Gallon Hanging Planter
Price: $9.49-$244.00

Hanging Flower and Vegetable Basket Great for commercial and residential uses, this revolutionary hanging basket will grow vegetables and display bright flowers with minimal effort. The innovative design showcases flowers by granting their blossoms and stems the space to grow long and healthy. With the holes allowing oxygen to reach the roots, your plants will grow strong. The basket itself disappears behind the growth of your plants, making it easy to pinch or deadhead flowers or to trim and...

Bloom Master Planter Box
Price: $42.50-$141.00

Large Flower and Vegetable Planter BoxDon't let this box intimidate you. It's super simple and the 42 holes don't all have to be planted. The dirt won't fall out. Just water and fertilize as needed and your plants will be happy in their new planter box home. This box will result in a plentiful burst of grow with either bright flowers or the greens for the vegetables you have planted. 10 gallons worth of volumeEasy to assemble and manage21 inches in length11 inches wide11 inches tall42...

Wire Hanger for Bloom Master Planter
Price: $2.25-$19.75

Hanging Basket Wire HangerThis wire hanger has 4 strands for the 4 holes in the rim of the bloom master basket. A four-strand wire hanger is already included with each 2-gallon, 3-gallon, and 4-gallon basket ordered. We are making this product available because as the years roll on sometimes the wire hangers get too mangled or sometimes we lose them. So if you need an extra, we can supply you with one.Also, you should notice that there is a crimped (slightly bent) part of the wire to make it...

Double Arm - Round Stock Lamppost Hanger
Price: $195.00

Round Stock Hanging Basket Lamppost Bracket (Double Arm)This bracket and mount are custom-made to fit any pole.This  bracket is priced as a two arm bracket with one arm on each side of the pole, but it can be sold with one arm if needed. Mounting collar and all necessary items are included.Please download, fill out, and return to us the Lamp Post Bracket Order Form from the "City Beautification" page on the website so we can send you the correct size. Thanks! ***Get the most out of your...

Flat for Bloom Master Box Platers
Price: $2.60-$19.95

Bloom Master Planter Box Replacement Parts Replacement parts for the Bloom Master planter box

Chain Kit for 6 Gallon Planter
Price: $7.30-$52.00

6-Gallon Hanging Basket Chain KitThis heavy duty chain kit includes three 18" double-loop chains, three U-bolts, six nuts, one S-hook. Wholesale cases have 10 kits in a box.Instructions:First slip the U-bolt through the link at the bottom of the chain. Then insert the U-bolt into the holes at the rim of the 6-gallon basket. Secure the bolt by screwing on the nuts on the bottom side. Repeat this for each U-bolt and chain. Then gather all the chains and hook all the top...

Snap on Hanger for Bloommaster Planters
Price: $29.50-$212.00

Snap-on Hanger  for Hanging Basket GardensThe Snap-on Hanger is designed to hang the 2-gallon, 3-gallon, or 4-gallon baskets. It is a rigid steel welded product, powder coated black. The three bottom hooks "snap" over the rim of the Bloom Master basket providing a sturdy, simple, and clean look for your hanging baskets. The top is completed with a rigid hook to hang from rods, eyelets, other hooks, etc.

Post Topper for 3 Gallon Planter
Price: $38.95-$127.00

3-Gallon Basket Post TopperAll Post Toppers fit on top of a standard 4"x4" post that can be purchased at any lumber store, like Home Depot or Lowes and can be any height the customer wishes simply by cutting the 4 inch x 4 inch post to the desired height. The Post Topper is designed to fit the 3 Gallon Bloom Master basket.

Planter Box Bracket - Square Top
Price: $35.95-$169.95

1.5" Square Planter Box BracketsThis steel-made product is painted black and attaches to the end caps with 4 push pins for each individual hanger. Decorate your porch or balcony railings with this useful tool.Attach the metal bar into the side of the end cap. Align the holes in the hanger with the holes in the end cap. These holes allow the push pins to secure the hanger to the box.

Cone Hanger for 6 Gallon Planters
Price: $32.00-$350.00

6-Gallon Basket Cone HangerThis optional hanger is stylishly and adds elegance to a floral display. It must be placed on the basket before growing. Easy to securely attach the 6-gallon hanging Basket. Works particularly well with flowers.

Hanging herb garden kit
Price: $28.00

Hanging Herb Garden Basket KitHerbs benefit from full sun, so keep kit either out on your porch or balcony, or near window to allow the herbs to thrive. This kit includes everything you need:2-gallon hanging basket (8 holes around the outside and a 10 inch top diameter),4-strand wire hangerJiffy 25 pellet professional Greenhouse9 Seed packets:Italian Large Leaf BasilSweet Lemon BasilChivesChives GarlicCilantroOreganoParsleyBroad Leaved SageThyme ...

Hanging salsa garden kit
Price: $30.00

Hanging Salsa Garden Basket KitThis kit has everything you need to begin growing: 3-gallon hanging basket (16 holes around the outside and an 11-inch top diameter),4-strand wire hanger,Jiffy 25 pellet professional Greenhouse9 Seed packets:Chives, GarlicCilantro, CilantroTomato, Red CherryTomato, Yellow PearTomato, Celebrity HybridOnion, Bunching, Tokyo Long WhitePepper, Hot, JalapenoPepper, Sweet, Sweet BananaPepper, Sweet, Sweet Red ...

Bloommaster Tree Stand
Price: $265.00-$810.00

Tree Stand Planter Basket HolderThis metal Post-Topper fits on a standard 4-inch x 4-inch post. The tree has 5 branches that each hold a 3-gallon Bloom Master basket (sold separately). Each branch is welded to the central trunk. The standard 4"x4" post can be purchased at any lumber store and can be cut to the desired height (recommended between 4 - 6 feet high). Choose the location of the tree so it will not conflict with any sub-surface utilities, such as water or electrical...