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Jun 8
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Kale Medley a la Tangerine

Kale Medley a la tangerine
by Nathalie Day-Tolentino, FL


  • kale
  • lemon juice
  • sliced tangerines preferably not in the can/if so without the syrup
  • Rice Vinegar/or Apple cider Vinegar
  • sliced onions
  • sliced cucumbers
  • raisins
  • olive oil
  • Sea Salt/or Brags Amino( Preferably)
  • Fresh Parsley
  • Pinch of Cayenne Pepper
First you start off with the washed and chopped kale in a mix bowl. Add Fresh parsley (to your liking), sliced onions, cucumbers, sliced tangerines and raisins. Now add olive oil (three tablespoons-to your liking), One tablespoon of the apple cider/or Rice Vinegar, Pinch of lemon juice, and start mixing everything together. Making sure that your medley is receiving an adequate amount of all suggested toppings! Lastly, sprinke in the sea salt or dash of Brags Amino and a pinch of cayene pepper. Mix once more and Voila. You have your Kale Medley a la Tangerine! Usually I love to cover it and place it in the fridge for it to stay fresh and slighly cold. Enjoy!



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