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Oct 5
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Hummus Portebella

Hummus Portebella

by Rachel Ducote, KS

  • Large 3-5" Portabella Mushroom Caps-2 for each sandwich
  • Hummus made with chipotle peppers (you can buy yours from a natural store or make it, using chick peas, pepper flakes and a smidge of sugar)
  • Large leaf lettuce, or spinach leaves, washed and dried
  • Large slicing tomatoes
  • sprouts
  • organic goat cheese
  • thinly sliced (optional) red onions (optional)
  • Mineral Salt
Cut the stems from the caps of the mushrooms--the caps will be your 'bread' of the sandwich. Liberally spread hummus on your mushroom 'bread' pieces. Build your sandwich with lettuce first. (Putting the lettuce on top of the hummus keeps it from getting 'soggy' Next, place one slice of tomato, and then goat cheese, a bit more hummus, and then the last piece of lettuce or spinach and sprouts. Top with the last piece of mushroom. Sometimes I will fry an egg and make an egg sandwich, and other times I will just make it veggie


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