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May 16
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Restoring not just the body, but the mind and Spirit.

We have discussed many times how wheatgrass juice facilitates the cleansing and rejuvenation of the body. What about the mind? What about the spirit? According to many ecclesiastical leaders, the mind is part of the spirit, not the body and the spirit is composed of a very fine matter. Regardless, both mind and spirit reside within the body, and are nourished and supported in some way by the body and what we take into it in the form of air, food, impressions, and other energies. We are further affected by what we think and feel, and how we act. That said, life is much more complicated than any of us know, or can imagine. We do know that a great energy animates us and that when this energy is gone, our bodies become lifeless.

Does science agree with this? If we look at Einstein’s theory (E=mc2). The energy content of a body is equal to the mass of the body times the speed of light squared. We understand that everything that exists is composed of light waves. We understand that our actual spirits, this very fine matter that gives life to the human body, is actually wave or light energy. Some schools of thought speak of energy vortices composed of the colors of light.

If we accept that spirit animates the body the question now is: is this spirit which resides inside the body fed or affected also in some way by that which we physically eat? If the answer is yes, then a question arises: was it ever meant to reside in a body which has become tainted by impurities in the flesh, blood, and bone? And when and if this spirit becomes laden down by the body in its infirmities, do we begin to think thoughts of less clarity and intelligence? It is our opinion that this is exactly what happens. And if this should occur, what can it imply for our opportunity and obligation to fulfill our role in our family, the community, the nation, and to our creator? This is a problem we may consider from the perspective of our adult lives, but it is our theory that this damage to the spirit often actually begins in the womb of the mother if her body is compromised with toxins from food, the environment, or other substances she may choose to imbibe, or the sadness or dislikes she may feel, or the negative or improper thoughts she may hold. If this is so, we all share many responsibilities, but what are we to do? Is there any hope? How can we proceed?

The question more specifically may be, is there nourishment that can energize, cleanse, and repair the effects of these lacks or toxic exposures? Can the same nourishment that energizes and repairs the body repair the spirit? We wonder, why did our Creator make fruits and vegetables of all different hues of the rainbow, i.e. the colors of light? If we entertain the thought that the human spirit does have energy fields of each color of light, then the next thought naturally comes that each color in the foods we eat must strengthen and nourish each of the colors of the spirit. If the body and spirit are debilitated, it follows that we must partake of foods in the way the creator provided, in its natural state, color, and vibration level. This is best done using foods prepared at God’s table, brought to perfection in His light, eaten without processing, adulterating, or fractioning, and never heated to the point where its intrinsic life forces are destroyed. This is the regimen well-known and proven through the ages to provide humankind with all the elements necessary for a long and healthy life as the basis for fulfilling the role mankind has in the Creation.

Now we face perilous times and suffer ills of our own devising as we increasingly violate the laws associated with a healthy physical and spiritual life. Sometimes, if we return to a natural way of life, our body and soul may reclaim its right to health and longevity. If, however, the body and spirit are extremely debilitated, then we must partake of a stronger medicine.

For this reason, the Creator, in his wisdom made grass---and made it plentifully. Grass is the most ubiquitous organic substance on the lands of this unique planet. We do know that animals also have spirits and no doubt energy fields which must be energized and replenished. We can only look outside and see that it is plentifully provided and is the main food for these animals. We know that one of the strongest and most enduring animals, the ox, exists and grows solely on what is available in the grass of the field. How can this be, when humans have devised and multiplied to the sky systems of nutrition and diet demanding this and that combination of foods out of season and locale?

The wisdom within the grass is greater that all of this. In fact, we know that the early peoples of the earth, even in the times of Enoch, knew and used the grasses as a restorative. Nebuchadnezzar’s story serves well to practically demonstrate an amazing and ancient wisdom, so simple yet so difficult. He went out in the fields and ate grass like the oxen, for 7 years. His mind and his kingdom were then restored to him.

There is a direct, succinct, and deeply moving book available to us even today that answers each and every question posed above, and tells us in the simplest and most profound language that no one is denied the knowledge of the path to healing and cleansing at every level within us using God’s gift of the grass. The book was given to us by Edmund Bordeaux Szekeley and is entitled ‘The Essene Gospel of Peace, Book 4’. To read this book is to take a long drink at the cold well of a longed for an oasis in the deep desert.

Christ teaches us in this amazing book, that: “That most precious gift of your Earthly Mother is the grass beneath your feet, even that grass which you tread upon without thought.”

“But now I speak to you of mysterious things [Mysteries of God], for I tell you truly, the humble grass is more than food for man and beast. It hides its glory beneath a lowly aspect…the sons of men walk on it, plow it, feed it to their beasts, but know not what secrets are hidden within it, even those secrets of everlasting life in the heavenly kingdom.”

Jesus went on, “Here is the secret, Sons of Light; here in the humble grass. Here is the meeting place of the Earthly Mother and the Heavenly Father; here is the Stream of Life which gave birth to all creation; ….”

“It is the angel of Life that flows through the blades of grass into the body of the Son of Light, shaking him with her power. For the grass is Life and the Son of Light is Life, and Life flows between the Son of Light and the blades of grass, making a bridge to the Holy Stream of Light which gave birth to all creation

As with Nebuchadnezzar, our personal kingdoms can be restored to us when we partake of the lowly grass. The simple words of Jesus in the Essene Gospel clearly tell us about the true and deep meanings of the humble grass, and its vital importance to the Sons of Man. In this day and age, can it make any sense to eat grass? In fact, it may be our only hope for reversing the terrible degenerative problems of body, mind, and spirit we see burgeoning on every hand, among friends, family, and even the citizens of all nations.

There are some who can go out in the fields and cut and imbibe of the grasses there. But for those of us who are unable to do this, what can be done? We have a simple and inexpensive way of growing this grass in our own homes. We can even strengthen this grass with the power of the sun indoors, bringing all the color spectrum of the sun to each blade. We do this by using a specially developed LED light that can furnish the grass with all the colors of the sun, give a deep dark green in the grass, and eliminate much of the mold problem when grass is grown indoors. Do we need such a device? No, but it is a simple way to help us create the best conditions for a healthy complete grass that can nourish, cleanse, and heal us. It is said that because wheatgrass takes up more minerals from the soil than any other plant that it is able to retain more color from the sun than any other plant. For this reason, we feel that in addition to love of God and fellow man, the grasses are a beginning for the restoration of the spirit of man. Light energy from the visible light spectrum

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