Try Quick Greens in your Garden

Try Quick Greens in your Garden

Garden Planning Season has officially begun. We at True Leaf Market feel excitement in the air. Our phones and store have been flooded with discussion and ideas of what a 2015 garden will look and taste like.

With all of this information flowing in from you, our customers (the best of the best sprouters, gardeners, and farmers), we wanted to share with you one of the most recent ideas from the Spin Farming group: the idea of Quick Greens. Spin gardeners and farmers are now growing baby sunflower greens, pea shoots, radish greens, broccoli greens, baby lettuce, and cabbage greens outdoors; most taking only two weeks until harvest. We wanted to tell you about this exciting idea so you might add it to your garden plan.

Note: Add the following to your Garden Plan

  • 1.Take all the microgreens you are growing indoors during the cold months and grow them outdoors during the spring, summer and fall months and call them Quick Greens! (if you aren’t growing any indoors start now, and continue outdoors this summer)
  • 2.Harvest and eat your Quick Greens every two weeks!

Why Grow Greens Outside in Summer?

  • more natural light
  • richer soil
  • ease of watering
  • more space

The Business of Gardening

NPR news reported last month that “a young generation sees greener pastures In agriculture.” Meaning, there is a trend in young people wanting to get back to the land, to the fulfilling and noble work of farming. If you are feeling that same desire, quick greens and baby lettuces might be your thing.

The Spin Farmers who contacted us have turned the quick greens into a lucrative business and provide a guide book on exactly how to do that if you want to read further. We hope you will think of us when you need a supply of high-quality non-gmo seeds at wholesale pricing. You can also do almost any soil grown microgreens outside as well.


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