Fire it up

Fire it up 0

Fire it up For many of us, we can get used to sticking with the same tried-and-true crops; the ones we know we like and will eat. The one we know will not offend or shock us in the garden, kitchen, or local neighborhood pot luck. While this strategy is a great place to start, why not step out of the comfortable vegetable zone this year and try something that will make you sweat, squirm, and eventually, smile. This season is a perfect time to get started on some hot peppers and to pique your interest, let’s get to know...

The Winter Season Plant Based Kitchen

The Winter Season Plant Based Kitchen 0

What is an Ideal Plant-Based Kitchen Setup, especially through the winter? Being successful at sticking to a new vegan or vegetarian diet is very easy if you have the right tools and get set up for success. In a perfect vegan kitchen, you would have your own indoor sprouts, microgreens, herbs, and grasses growing for fresh food year round, along with other fresh produce as available. On your patio, just off the kitchen, or out in your garden, you could have lettuces, veggies and fruits growing and if you are super good at growing your own food, you might even...

Guide to Living Food Storage

Guide to Living Food Storage 0

Freshly grown and picked foods are at their height of flavor and nutrition. Our body needs fresh livingfood to survive and stay healthy. This brings up a predicament to many who store long term emergency food and supplies in case of emergency. You can subsist on a ½ cup of dry food a few times a day, butcan you LIVE WELL and LONGTERM? Imagine you wake up tomorrow morning to discover that you will have to stay on your own property for an extended period of time . . . weeks, months, perhaps even longer. What resources would you need...

Making Your Own Vegan Milks

Making Your Own Vegan Milks 0

Making Your Own Vegan Milk We are proud to launch a new line of kits to make all manner of vegan milks including Almond, Cashew, Oat, Coconut, Hemp, Flax & Rice. We have a great new nut milk bag, and several complete vegan milk kits. We have offered soymilk and tofu kits for several years. We hope you’ll check them out.What Flavor is your Milk Mustache?My milk mustache changes daily. A good glass of vanilla almond milk can be super delicious, but I have to have rice milk for my cereal and chocolate soy milk for a late night dessert....

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