June: Companion Plants & Beneficial Insects

June: Companion Plants & Beneficial Insects 1

Now that the growing season is underway, an abundance of life begins to spring up in our garden: seedlings take root and begin branching out, showing signs of their future production. But with new growth and life, comes the chance of pests finding their way into your garden. Some folks never have to deal with an infestation of pests—and hopefully you won’t either. When invasive species of insects happen to make their way into a garden, some folks rid them by spraying with pesticides. But we believe avoiding harmful pests by taking preventative measures and treating them using safe and...

Biological Control as an Alternative to Pesticide Use

Biological Control as an Alternative to Pesticide Use 0

Written by Kaitlin Miller – Winner of the 2016 Demetrios Agathangelides Scholarship!   When it comes to pesticides, many farmers try to limit its use as it tends to accumulate in the soil and plant tissue with the possibility of becoming harmful to consumers. In addition, farmers are better able to market their crop when pesticide use is close to none. One way of combating pest invasion is predator introduction to a certain cropping system. When predator population is low in an area under attack by pest species, natural predators may be introduced to the area as a method of...

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