The Year-Round Herb Garden

The Year-Round Herb Garden 0

“What’s the big deal with fresh herbs?” Some folks say. “I can get a plethora of the same herbs (and more) at my local grocery or specialty foods store.” Yes, this is true. There are more dried-herb options at stores, and it seems to be much easier for the consumer. But have you considered just how long those herbs have been dried when their being manufactured—not to mention how long they’ve been sitting on the shelf in your local store. Not only do they lose their pungent flavor and aroma in the drying process, they lose their nutritional value as...

Herbal Healing

Herbal Healing 0

Herbal Healing As providence would have it, I live and work in the town where Dr. John Christopher, master herbalist, started The School of Natural Healing. Right here in my town is his little shop called Dr. Christopher’s Herb Shop where you can pick up just about any type of medicinal herb in almost any form. I am a frequent visitor because there is a great little café inside that serves raw and vegan food. My visits have got me thinking: Everyone should have at least a small stash of medicinal herbs growing in their garden.Dr. Christopher’s medicinal herbal formulations...

The Winter Season Plant Based Kitchen

The Winter Season Plant Based Kitchen 0

What is an Ideal Plant-Based Kitchen Setup, especially through the winter? Being successful at sticking to a new vegan or vegetarian diet is very easy if you have the right tools and get set up for success. In a perfect vegan kitchen, you would have your own indoor sprouts, microgreens, herbs, and grasses growing for fresh food year round, along with other fresh produce as available. On your patio, just off the kitchen, or out in your garden, you could have lettuces, veggies and fruits growing and if you are super good at growing your own food, you might even...

Healing & Medicinal Properties of Herbs

Healing & Medicinal Properties of Herbs 0

Mother Nature has an impressive arsenal of natural herbs to use for medicinal purposes and/or to add flavor to meals. Simply put, a herb is any type of plant whose leaves, roots, flowers, berries, stems or seeds that are used for medicine, flavoring, or food. Handled properly, these herbs have a wide range of benefits for people. Whether by instinct or observation, herbal use has existed for centuries to combat illnesses. Popularity increased over recent years as more people learned of the benefits to using herbs rather than prescription drugs. However, few people realize that most prescription medications are also...

Herbal Cleansing and Detoxification

Herbal Cleansing and Detoxification 0

Herbal Detoxification: Going Beyond The Symptoms Detoxification is the mental and physical symptoms, that generally occur when you alter your lifestyle by like changing your diet or exercising, or breaking a bad habit, like giving up smoking or drinking. Why should I detox? Detoxification is the first step towards leading a longer, healthier life. It is the human body’s way of cleansing itself of toxins that may be hindering its ability to complete natural processes. This happens when a person significantly alters their lifestyle by abandoning a harmful or unhealthy habit. The body’s response to the detoxification may seem negative,...

Herbs for Stress Relief: Guide to Relaxing Herbs

Herbs for Stress Relief: Guide to Relaxing Herbs 0

A Guide to Stress Relieving Herbs Relaxation Benefits of Medicinal & Herbal Tea Herbs Summary from David Hoffman. 1991. Vermont: Healing Arts Press Black Horehound – Not to be confused with white horehound – is an excellent remedy for the settling of nausea and vomiting where the cause lies within the nervous system rather than in the stomach. It may be used in motion sickness, for example, where the nausea is triggered through the inner ear and the central nervous system. This herb will also be of value in helping the vomiting associated with pregnancy or nausea and vomiting due...

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