The Ant's Advice

The Ant's Advice 5

The Ant's Advice We are all probably familiar with Aesop’s fable, The Ant and the Grasshopper, in one form or another: A grasshopper sings one summer day when an ant passes by, carrying a great ear of corn. “Come sing with me,” the grasshopper says. The ant says, “I’m helping to lay food for the winter. I suggest you do the same.” The grasshopper ignores the ant’s advice and continues to sing. When winter comes, the grasshopper has no food and it watches the ants distribute corn and grain from the stores they had collected in the summer. The grasshopper...

The Winter Season Plant Based Kitchen

The Winter Season Plant Based Kitchen 0

What is an Ideal Plant-Based Kitchen Setup, especially through the winter? Being successful at sticking to a new vegan or vegetarian diet is very easy if you have the right tools and get set up for success. In a perfect vegan kitchen, you would have your own indoor sprouts, microgreens, herbs, and grasses growing for fresh food year round, along with other fresh produce as available. On your patio, just off the kitchen, or out in your garden, you could have lettuces, veggies and fruits growing and if you are super good at growing your own food, you might even...

Guide to Living Food Storage

Guide to Living Food Storage 0

Freshly grown and picked foods are at their height of flavor and nutrition. Our body needs fresh livingfood to survive and stay healthy. This brings up a predicament to many who store long term emergency food and supplies in case of emergency. You can subsist on a ½ cup of dry food a few times a day, butcan you LIVE WELL and LONGTERM? Imagine you wake up tomorrow morning to discover that you will have to stay on your own property for an extended period of time . . . weeks, months, perhaps even longer. What resources would you need...

Why Use Sprouts for Emergency Food Storage?

Why Use Sprouts for Emergency Food Storage? 0

Reasons for using sprouts are so plentiful and so important, it’s usually only a matter of listing them to convince you to try this very special kind of in-home gardening––accomplished in the comfort of your own kitchen. Increasing numbers of families find sprouting nutritious, delicious, and far less expensive than store prices. This information is a digest version of the Kitchen Gardening chapter, to be released in the revised 11th edition of Making the Best of Basics––Family Preparedness Handbook. The Benefits of Sprouting In this day and age, many people are searching for a way to get healthy, lower their...

Comparison: The Wigmore Diet vs. The Budwig Diet

Comparison: The Wigmore Diet vs. The Budwig Diet 0

Many people, when they hear about the living foods program of recapturing health and regenerating the body, instinctively know that it is true. When I first heard about Ann Wigmore and wheatgrass juice, I became enthusiastic about it, bought an electric wheatgrass juicer and began first purchasing and then growing my own wheatgrass. I had had chronic fatigue for many years and had tried almost every herb, vitamin, and healing modality available in health food stores. Later, I attended the Ann Wigmore Institute in Boston and then began growing wheatgrass commercially for juice bars and health food stores. At first,...

Flax Oil: Another Complex Miracle of Nature

Flax Oil: Another Complex Miracle of Nature 0

Benefits of Omega 3 Fatty Acids from Fresh, Ground Flaxseed In our efforts to bring you the best in living food nutrition, we would like to introduce our new product, the flaxseed kit. The kit consists of an electric grinder, flax seed, some suggested recipes, and the amazing little book, by Dr. Johanna Budwig who was nominated seven times for the Nobel Prize, and is considered by many to be the foremost authority on fats and healing. Dr. Budwig, as did Ann Wigmore, suggests a diet including raw fruits and vegetables. In addition, she contends that the body needs certain...

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