The Master Communicators

The Master Communicators 0

Flowers are among nature’s most important, beautiful, complex, and symbolic creations. They are like antennae that transmit messages to the natural world through colors and patterns, and fragrances that let the insects and birds know where the nectar is. For this reason, vegetable and fruit gardeners plant flowers alongside their crops, hoping to attract beneficial pollinators. Not only do flowers communicate with their surroundings, they communicate to us too. For centuries, we have used flowers to tell someone “I love you” or “I’m sorry” or “It’s going to be alright.” They can also speak to us all on their own....

The Power of Flowers

The Power of Flowers 0

The Power of Flowers I'm sure we've all seen the positive influence flowers can have in our surroundings and communities. We’ve noticed the profound change that can happen to the community when hanging baskets and box planters of flowers are used to decorate the store front of a local business, or the streets of a neglected area of town. The sight of flowers draws people near, pulls them from their homes and out into the community as seen through our customer feedback and efforts that businesses have made to keep their customers coming back.Many towns and business have decorated their...

Tips for Encouraging Kids to Garden!

Tips for Encouraging Kids to Garden! 0

Tips for Encouraging Kids to Garden! Teaching children about gardening not only will increase their knowledge about plant biology and the Earth but will increase their self-esteem and self-confidence. At times, it can become a difficult task to get your child to want to garden. But we have found that by trying these few techniques, you can get your children interested in (and even excited about) gardening. If your child already shows an interest, the following techniques can help to cultivate their interest in the art of agriculture. Start with sprouts Sprouting seeds in a simple mason jar is a...

5 Flowers to Grow This Spring!

5 Flowers to Grow This Spring! 0

5 Flowers to Grow This Spring! “[Flowers] are important,” says former Director of Disney’s Horticulture and Environmental Initiative, Katy Moss, “they make you feel good.” Here at MVSeeds.com, we couldn’t agree more. We believe that being in the company of flowers improves one’s well-being. And we wanted to showcase, what we think are, the 5 most essential flowers to grow in your garden this spring—just in time for Mother’s Day! 1. Dahlberg Daisy – Golden FleeceThese tiny canary blooms appear as the warmth of spring is ushered in, their mellow fragrance attracting butterflies. The green foliage is delicate and lush,...

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