Get to Know Your Seeds: A Seed Type Guide

Get to Know Your Seeds: A Seed Type Guide 19

We’ve had an influx of calls inquiring about the specifics of seed labeling—questions like “What is the difference between sprouting and microgreens seeds and traditional garden vegetable seeds?” and “Are heirloom seeds and open-pollinated seeds the same thing?” and a slew of others. We know it can be overwhelming looking at all the varieties of seeds and their types, reading terms like “microgreens seeds” and “sprouting seeds”, "treated" and "untreated seeds", and "heirloom" and "open-pollinated"—you just hope that you’ll pick the right ones for you. We hope that the following article will help you understand seed identifiers and how it...

"Hardening Off" The Right Way

"Hardening Off" The Right Way 3

As your starts begin maturing, bearing their “true” leaves, we know the time is drawing near to transplant. Transplanting can be stressful for growers because it is common to lose plants to “transplant shock.” When our plants spend the first few weeks of their lives indoors, in a virtually weatherless environment, and then are dropped into the ground, they can become "shocked" due to the outside elements—and sometimes they are unable to recover. The heat and cold, sunlight, wind, and rain can all damage your plants when they aren’t used to receive so much of it. That is why you must...

March: From The Ground Up

March: From The Ground Up 0

It is about this time when your garden vegetables are germinating, poking through their little starter pots and pellets, reminding you that transplanting time is on the horizon. It is at this stage that you may have realized that you haven’t prepared you’re the soil in your garden plot. Of course, all the advice you’ve received to take steps to replenish your garden soil in the fall has gone out the window. But there are some simple steps to take to revitalize your soil up to just 2 weeks before the transplanting date. First, it is very important to understand...

The Power of Flowers

The Power of Flowers 0

The Power of Flowers I'm sure we've all seen the positive influence flowers can have in our surroundings and communities. We’ve noticed the profound change that can happen to the community when hanging baskets and box planters of flowers are used to decorate the store front of a local business, or the streets of a neglected area of town. The sight of flowers draws people near, pulls them from their homes and out into the community as seen through our customer feedback and efforts that businesses have made to keep their customers coming back.Many towns and business have decorated their...

Garden Cover Crops

Garden Cover Crops 1

Garden Cover Crops So, your garden has been a success this season, showering you with snap peas and string beans and squash—oh my! Now, as the kids return to school and the weather cools, it is time to put your garden to bed. After you clean out your garden beds from leftover fruit and vegetable plants, weeds, and trellising structures, you can simply cover the beds with leaves or straw for the winter. However, after all that your garden has given to you this season, wouldn’t it be nice to give it something in return? This fall is a great...

Master Gardening Pop Quiz

Master Gardening Pop Quiz 0

Now that you all have your gardens in for the season… can you identify the following plant starts? Answers:1. Cauliflower 2. Basil - Thai 3. Cabbage – Golden Acre4. Arugula 5. Sunflower 6. Chia7. Red Amaranth 8. Corn- Batam 9. Kale – Blue Curled. I hope you did well; these seedlings can be pretty tough to identify when they are just a few days old. If you were given the chance to taste these as part of the identification process you would be amazed at how much these small seedlings called microgreens reflect the flavor of their adult counterparts.Microgreens and...

Build Your Own Basic Worm Garden!

Build Your Own Basic Worm Garden! 0

Converts food scraps to wonderful Earthworm Castings Design by Vermitech specialist, Todd Spratt PARTS NEEDED: 30 gallon plastic storage container 8-2 inch square pieces of window screen Top and cap from a typical water bottle 2 heavy duty nursery flats 12-1 inch screws or fence staples 3-1x3 wood stakes 3 ft. in length or like material TOOLS NEEDED: Drill and 1 inch drill bit or hole saw Hand or power saw Screw driver and hammer Glue gun or caulking with silicone Scissors or tin snips and tape measure The basic idea of this design is to create a raised interior...

Superior Soil: Superior Food & Superior Life

Superior Soil: Superior Food & Superior Life 0

A friend of mine once said: "Where the light meets darkness is the razor’s edge of our human existence. We exist where light comes to meet the great mineral world to mix and draw it towards the light through the mystery of chlorophyll, basis of organic life." To quote this same anonymous author, "The organic sheen of life on earth lives within narrow limits. In fact, the top 8-12 inches of soil, and about the first 20 feet of ocean water, carry the life processes that allow conversion of sunlight to carbohydrates among other things. All organic life depends on...

Worm Bin Instructions

Worm Bin Instructions 2

Instructions for Using A Worm Bin | Raising Red Earthworms The following information is provided by Todd Spratt, Vermitech Specialist Buy Earthworms here. See Also: Instructions for Building a Worm BinOUR CURRENT CRISES Our world is facing a number of environmental challenges, one of which is garbage and what to do with it all! Many states are requiring counties within their borders to reduce landfills by 50% by the year 2000. It is estimated that 25 to 40 percent of our waste is organic in nature (yard waste, table scraps, paper, etc.).   It takes approximately 8 gallons of water...

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